I had some wishes, goals, and dreams for this year but what I didn’t know when the year started, was that this year would not be about achieving, it would be about receiving. Receiving what has been laid out for me and being at peace with that.
What I am most grateful for this year is that my 95-year-old mom survived the COVID outbreak at her assisted living facility and my children are well. Those things are gratefully and easily received.
Not all things have been as easy to receive and it hasn’t been a stellar year for many of us. We all have our own personal stories of sadness, disappointment, and pain.


If you are enduring heartache, if you are an essential worker who put your life on the line for your community, please allow me to wrap my arms around you with the most sincere virtual hug.

I know some of you have had much, much more than your share. Just in the people I know: a couple of my friends lost their children, one had a stillbirth, one had an aneurysm, many lost their businesses, some are getting divorced, a few of you have lost your homes, many lost a parent, more are suffering from mental illness and on and on I could go.


All this has been happening, not instead of COVID, but within COVID times.

It is upon the rest of us to take note of how much we have to celebrate, how much we have received this year and that’s why I made us the Holiday Quiz.
Get a basket and start gathering your points!


Your Holiday Quiz            Score 1 point if you…

Didn’t lose someone you love this year.
Have someone that loves you.
Have more than enough food to eat.
Have a place to call home.
Can have a hot shower whenever you want one.
Can heat your house adequately over the winter.
Have access to Zoom or the like to stay in contact with those you love.
Don’t have a life-threatening illness.
Have people and resources that are willing to help you.
Have not lost your job this year.
Have enough money to buy ‘extras’.
Don’t need to use the food bank.
Have an able body.
Do not suffer from a mental illness.
If you have not been hospitalized this year.
If you believe in something more powerful than yourself.
If you can help COVID numbers by staying apart.
If you have a community you love.
If you had the ability and learned something new this year.
If you have someone you can talk to about your feelings.
If you can get outside in the fresh air often.
If you read Steph’s e-news. ; )

I hope you collected a stack of points! Take them, cherish them and let us all try hard to make the most of this unusual time by creating new memories, cherishing old ones, helping where we can and making peace with what is.

Find joy this holiday season, it is there. 

Happy Anyway and Merrier New Year,  Steph  : )

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