You’re one step away from a new friend.

On a recent vacation, we took a bike tour and ended up paired with a couple from another country who of course were complete strangers to us.

We exchange pleasantries. We peddled, we chatted, we stopped for lunch, we got married.

What? Wait? Back up? Did we get married?

Well actually – they got married and I married them. It was all very unexpected.

They had been engaged for 9 months with no plans to wed in the near future. They had been in love for over 20 years but circumstances being what they were they couldn’t be together.

Over lunch, I happened to mention that I could marry people. And later, as we strolled through the Tuscan vineyard, Israel turned to Maryalice and asked her if he would marry him right now.

Then he asked me if I would marry them right now.

She said yes and I said yes! Our tour guide was the maid of honor, my hubby was the best man and although it wasn’t legal, of course, I doubt I will witness a more beautiful, heartfelt wedding in my lifetime.

So impressed was our young tour guide, that he turned down the twenty dollar tip we offered him at the end of the day. Now I thought that said a lot!

One small group, that started the day as strangers and ended the day as family.

Life is beautiful and you are only one step, one peddle, one kind word away from making a new friend!

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