One quick tip to help you feel emotional well, today we’re going to talk about your support system.

We all need people to support us, but sometimes the people that we are closest to are not the people that are the best ones to support us. Who should be riding shotgun, who should be in the backseat and who should be in the sidecar?

So your tool today is to write down a list of five people that you spend a lot of time with. I want you to write that in one column. In the other column at the top write conversations they embody? Conversations they embody, meaning when you think of that person, what kind of conversation do you think of? So for example, for me – I’d write my mom,  when I think about my mom, I think about my greatest fan. She’s just my greatest fan and that’s the conversation she embodies, not the words she says – but the feeling I get.

When I think about my very good friend, I feel the conversation is, ‘How can I help you?’ She doesn’t say that but that’s just what I think about, that’s the conversation she embodies.

There is another person in my life that the conversation feels similar, ‘I’m not sharing.’ That’s what I feel. She never says that, but that’s kind of what I feel like, not just sharing stuff, but sharing thoughts or feelings or deeper emotions. I’m not sharing.

So I want you to write to the people that you’re close to in one column and write the conversation they embody in the other.

And then look at those lists and I think that you’ll see very, very clearly who you should be spending more time with.

Now I understand that some people that are in that difficult area, maybe you married them or you gave birth to them or you’re related to them in some way, but still, we can, you know, we can put boundaries around that.

Just notice who you’re spending your time with that fills you up,  who you want to be spending more time and who drains you. Who should be riding shotgun, who should be in the backseat and who should be in the sidecar?

Spending time with people that fill you up is one more way to be emotionally well.

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