If I asked what on this earth you value the most, I’ll bet you would say your family.


But, I’m going to push the envelope on this one, even though that would be my first go-to answer as well.

Today, consider a shift of your mindset a bit.

What if we made our health our number one priority?

If we truly did this, we would be making the ultimate commitment to our family – that we are doing everything we can to be here for them for as long as possible.

Taking extremely good care of ourselves; getting proper rest, quitting smoking, modeling healthy choices, sharing fantastic family memories around active living – rather than just around food, getting rid of the toxins in our lives, be it people or food or bad habits are just some ways that we can begin to take even better care of ourselves.

It’s actually showing our kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like (here are more ways… move every day, reduce sugar, conscious eating, have a less-processed diet, slowing down). These actions, rather than just telling them what to do – will go a long way to ensure that you (and they) will be here to love, support and guide each other for a long time to come.

Did you know that children are 70% more likely to be physically active if their parents are.

Do it together, what a better way to connect with your family than by moving your bodies together, planning active outings and having them see you enjoying – are at least committing to, daily movement!

Mom’s and Dad’s out there – if you want them to be healthy, show them, don’t just tell them, what healthy living looks like.

Sometimes we don’t value what is most important until we lose it – that has happened to too many people. Don’t let that be you.

Ask yourself what you have to do to move the needle even just a little in the right direction. You have to invest something be it time, energy, resources and/or money. No more excuses, do whatever it takes to reflect the degree that you are showing you are taking extremely good care of yourself.

What do you value, really? Of course you value your family. Prove it now, by showing how you value your health.

What is one thing you can do this week to lean into that direction?

Making sure your health is a priority, it’s just one more way you can live Your Life, Unlimited!


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