With the holidays long gone and spring still a little far off on the horizon, some of us may be noticing those familiar indications of Toolongwinteritis. And even though March physiologically sounds spring-ish – we know we have a while yet to go to get to the good, blooming part of spring.
Toolongwinteritis is a common Canadian ailment that most frequently afflicts those who do not go on tropical holidays. It is characterized by repeated complaints about the weather, resistance to toques, and unusual attachment to couches and lazy boy chairs. It is accompanied by feelings of blah, poor me and repeated wonderings of ‘why do we live here?’

If these symptoms are sounding familiar, never fear – help is on its way! Following are some ideas to help you cure yourself from this annual malady:
1. Brighten up! Stop wearing black – yes, it’s slimming, but it’s also boring! Get out some color and notice how you will feel a little bit different, especially when those compliments start coming your way. My Mom has a beautiful orange winter coat and every time she goes out it in someone gives her an admiring comment.
2. Dope up! Okay, I know that sounds kind of bad but this is the good kind of dope – Dopamine – the feel good chemical that is released into your blood-stream when you exercise. According to a recent study even a small amount of physical activity increases your emotional resistance.
3. Bundle up! Yes it’s cold, yes it’s windy, yes, there’s a lot of snow here, it’s slushy, mushy and yucky. But really, how long have you lived here, are you not used to it yet? Layer, layer, layer. Go out and breath in some fresh air, even if it’s only for a short time. Ten minutes, start with 10 minutes then if you want to go back in, fine.
4. Drink up! Less booze, more water. Sorry. An extra glass of water here and extra glass of water there, it all adds up to a healthier (and therefore happier you). Living things need water, even though its winter, you are still a living ‘thing!’ Water yourself regularly and you are reviving your cells, boasting your immune system and helping yourself ward off illness.
5. Buck up! Try something you have never done before or that you haven’t tried in a long time. Rent some skates at the Forks (only $2) and try out the fabulous River Trail, discover cross country skiing again by checking out the new ski-skate phenomenon (or is it skate-ski??). Indoors, the archery range can provides some unique entertainment while expanding your skill-set or the museum may be calling (have you been since grade school?) it’s cool! Trade in the at home movie night for a ‘make you think’ documentary or some live entertainment. Think of something different! (My dog and I are ski-joring in the photo)
On a more serious note, if you experience unusual lethargy or prolonged (greater than 2 weeks) sadness it may be a sign of something more serious, please consider seeing your doctor. Otherwise, if you think it’s just Toolongwinteritis, plan to incorporate one of these above tips (or one of your own) and see if that cure doesn’t just come on it’s own!
Please send your tips for curing Toolongwinteritis to Stephanie@YourLifeUnlimited.ca or post them on my Facebook page, Your Life Unlimited.


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