I’m wandering around in the crowded boarding lounge looking for a seat when I spy this young woman, smiling, laughing and chatting with her partner. I sat down close by and said, “Well this looks like a fun area to sit in.”

“Oh it is! The world needs more joy and you can plug in your stuff!” She continued, pointed toward the charging station.

It’s not just our devices that need a charging station, our bodies and minds need a charging station (or a recharging station) too!  Wouldn’t that be great!

Feeling a little sluggish – plug in to some cool tunes and reenergize yourself.

Feeling a little blue – plug in to an inspiring TED talk and refresh yourself.

Feeling a little cranky – plug in to a gratitude medication and reset yourself.

My buddy Tim has his own take on this. He is building a house and he asked the builder to add a ‘Breathing Room’ to the floor plan. When the builder gave him a big blank stare, Tim explained that he wanted a quiet place to breath, to meditate, to be still and quiet, oh and by the way he requested with the room be made without electrical outlets.

Now there’s someone who is serious about his quiet time! While that level is not realistic for many of us, I think we can learn a thing or two just from the concept of Tim’s Breathing Room.

– Where do you go when you want to get away from the drama, hustle and bustle of life? If it’s the bar, then we may have a problem!

– Where do you send the kids when they are overstimulated or upset?

– Where do go that expects nothing else from you but to breathe and regain your composure (and quite likely reduce your blood pressure)?

If you don’t have a quiet space in your work or home environment, maybe outside in nature is your place.

Personally, I carry eyeshades and headphones with me on all my travels so that I can turn virtually any space into a ‘Breathing Room’.

Pay attention to how you are feeling and know that you have many tools to shift, should be need arise.

‘Plug-in’ to recharge or ‘unplug’ to decompress, there’s more than one way to live Your Life, Unlimited!

Namaste, Steph

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