Master Three-Point Communication

Have you ever had to deliver negative feedback and found it extra difficult because the person in question didn’t take it so well, maybe they took it  little to personally.

We have been well trained to communicate using the benefits of eye to eye contact (or two point communication). But there are certain situations when it’s not the best option and delivering negative feedback is one of them.

Next time try using three -point communication.

Three-point communication is less emotional than two-point communication because the focus is on the issue level of the communication instead of the relationship level.

To do this turn your eyes on a neutral object, a paper, a book, a board, the messy room! Something besides the other person’s eyes.

So remember, if the interaction you’re having is positive, it’s okay to make eye contact; if it’s negative, it’s better to employ a third point. Notice is your listener is more receptive and is less defensive.

Mastering the Three-Point Communication it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!

Thanks to Michael Grinder for this lesson!

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