I’ve been working on my Spanish for a few months now with the help of the Duolingo app. My favourite part about the app is the ‘Turtle Button’.

When the app wants me to translate a sentence, it rattles the words off in Spanish at what I guess is a normal speed (even though it sounds like fast forward to me). When it speaks at this pace I can hardly understand anything but I press the Turtle Button, they repeat the sentence nice and slowly, and I can actually understand what they are saying.

The Turtle Button. Hmmm.

I’ve recently sustained an injury to my knee, causing me to hobble, limp and crutch my way through my daily tasks.

Things that I whipped through before without a second thought take much more time, thought and effort. I feel like the Turtle Button has been installed in me. Tasks I would not otherwise be able to accomplish, I can still do, I just need more time.

The concept of the Turtle Button, aka, slowing down is a pretty good idea. Here are some examples of how it could be useful:

  • We are having trouble communicating – press the Turtle Button, “Can you please explain that to me in a different way, I didn’t quite understand?”
  • We are having a disagreement or a misunderstanding – press the Turtle Button, “Let’s take a little time away from this and come back with fresh eyes.”
  • We are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed – press the Turtle Button, then take some deep breaths, stretch, count to ten, seek nature, do something that nurtures you.
  • We are rushing to get something done or accomplished – press the Turtle Button, look around and notice the sights, smells, sounds of beauty to appreciate, enjoy the getting there, not just the being there.
  • We are scarfing down our meal, we have somewhere else to be – press the Turtle Button, taste your food, notice the texture on your tongue, does it smell good, are you enjoying the flavour? This week, see where using a virtual Turtle Button would be helpful for you. Where would you use it? Use it as a cue to remind yourself to slow down.

The world is not going to stop if we take an extra 30 seconds here and there. I know, I tried it already, and this big ball called Earth kept on spinning just the same.

Implementing a Turtle Button, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited

PS – maybe I should get some Turtle buttons or stickers made?


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