He said, “I’m not going to live past 64.”

“Why would you say that?” I asked the random stranger that I had struck up a convo with (‘cause that’s what I do).

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ve just always thought that. I have ten more years left and I’m living like that.”

Ten more years left. What would it be like to live if you knew you only had ten more years left?

Would you be sad? Would you live differently? What would you do?

I couldn’t shake this conversation. One of my mantras is ‘don’t ask if, ask how.’ That is, don’t ask if you can use the information, ask how you can use the information.

Ten more years. I wonder if knowing you had ten more years would light a fire under your butt? I wonder if ten more years would make you love stronger, live better, and experience more.

Ten more years. I wonder if it would make you mad. I wonder if you would feel defeated. I wonder if you would think, why bother?

How can I use this information?

Ten years goes by in a flash, as you know if you are older than ten yourself, but what if, the last years were rolling years?

What if you lived life like you had only ten years left and then every year, you would have ten years left?

I think this could be the perfect mindset to live Your Life, Unlimited!

Within my business as a coach and speaker and my life in general, I am always trying to make myself a better person and make the world a better place by encouraging others that the best time to live Your Life, Unlimited is now!

I think rather than the rashness that living like you only have one year left, The Next Ten Years concept may entice people to act realistically.

Live Your Life, Unlimited sooner, stop waiting for a better time to be happier, healthier, impactful, full of vitality and joy!

Now is the time to plan for the best ten years of your life!  As we roll through this journey together we can share some ideas with you that will inspire us into action!


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