We all know that the best way to shift your attitude from that of lack to that of abundance is by focusing on what’s going right and especially in turbulent times, this can keep us emotionally well.

In this video, I show you something that we did around our dinner table. This little book made its round around our dinner table when the kids were younger and everybody took a turn, besides their initial, to put something that they were grateful for that day.

So there are some really funny things in here that people were thankful for: puffy clouds, clean underwear, Auntie Lorraine’s pool, my truck,  lottery luck, Saint Anthony Saint Patron of lost things (someone must have found something they lost!),  plush towels and on and on it goes, each person wrote one thing per day.

When I first gave the family the idea that we were going to pass this book around at the table and everybody’s going to put something that they’re grateful for in it each day, they weren’t that excited. But you know what? We all started doing it, and what it did is it changed the whole conversation around the dinner table because then we’d talk about what each person put down and why they put it down.

Some days if they were stuck and they had a hard time thinking of something,  we would talk about that.  Some days it was easy and they wanted to put more than just one thing.

It became a real conversation starter around the table and it sure beats, ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What’s new?’

Think about something starting like this, it’s an easy way to show gratitude around your dinner table.

Sometimes we have to ask different questions to get different answers and for us to be emotionally well, keeping our whole family emotionally well is so important.

Also, it’s a great idea for teams. First thing before your meeting/report etc. starts, Ask, ‘What’s going right?’

Focusing on the good, it’s one more way to keep emotionally well in turbulent times.

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