Hey, it’s Stephanie Staples with one more quick tip to help you feel more emotionally in control during turbulent times. You can listen to the video or read it!

When things are bombarding you, when they are coming at you, when they are overwhelming you, an easy technique that you can do is step back and ask yourself one very simple question.

” What is my role in this?”

Then instead of getting caught up in the turbulent undertow of negativity and things that you can’t control, that question is going to empower you and allow you to think of some things that you can control. Check out this infographic that my colleague made, it’s perfect!

Even though there are a lot, most things that we can’t control, we can control some things like our thoughts,  our feelings, and our actions.

So take some power back. Ask yourself that question. What is my role in this? Whether they’re gossiping at the water cooler or there’s a world pandemic, ‘what is my role’ in this is one of the most empowering questions you can ask yourself.

Gather the answers and then follow it up with action! What one, two, or three things can you do to empower yourself to be more hopeful, more in control, and be a great role model for other people?

Asking, ‘What is my role in this?’, it’s just one more way to keep emotionally well during turbulent times.

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