Time to let go. Whether you are in Winnipeg or not, if you get these messages from me you probably know something about the event I run called momondays Winnipeg. For five years and through forty shows I have poured my heart and soul into this community-building event.

We have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local and global not-for-profits, we have had hundreds of speakers and entertainers on our stage and thousands in the audience. It has been so special for so many people. This week, ‘suddenly’ I decided it was time for me to move on.

I typed out a Facebook post stating I was thinking about leaving the event behind me and by the time I pressed post, I knew what I was going to do.

It’s easy to give up things you don’t like but it sure is hard (and emotional) to give up things you love.

The time in between thinking about making the decision and actually making it can be a stomach-churning, head-whirling, sleep-depriving time.

I’ve come to think of decisions like stop lights.

Red decisions are ones that are very important and that have long-term consequences – should I marry or move away? They likely require time, research and discernment.

Green decisions are the multiple little decisions we have to make daily – should I use a fork or a spoon to eat this stew? These can be made quickly and with little fanfare.

Yellow decisions are the ones that really seem to stump me. Neither enormously life-changing and also not insignificant or inconsequential, these decisions make me feel uncomfortable, queasy, unsure. I go back and forth, talk myself in and of them and ask everyone and their dog what to do. Can you relate at all?

What I find is that often when I make a decision, I second guess and I glamourize the option I didn’t choose.

Additionally, I think about the energy drain of decision-making. The amount of energy that we have in a day is finite and the amount of energy that issues can take from you is infinite – how much energy do you want to let this decision take from you?

It’s time to stand in confidence with decision-making. It’s time to know that once we decide, we make that decision the right decision for us. The knowing that we made the decision with good intentions based on the information and emotional capacity that we had at the time.

Saying no to something in your life makes room to say yes to something else. Stepping down gives someone else the opportunity to step up. Letting go can be a wonderful opportunity to grow.

I think I’m sort of talking to myself here, as I often do, but I hope some of this resonates with you the next time you have a red, yellow or green decision to make.

If you are in Winnipeg, I hope you can join me for my farewell show, where there will no doubt be a few tears as I stand by my yellow light decision, proud of what we accomplished and ready to pass the torch to the new champions.

Good luck with your decisions!

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