If you read last week’s post about meeting Simon – I think you will be very interested to find out part two of the story which you will find around minute 4:30 of the below video. Thank you to everyone who reached out to send both him and I love and encouragement – we both appreciated it so much.

I have created a Kudoboard for Simon and if you would like to put a note of support on there, that would be so great. And/or maybe there is someone you know that would appreciate a KudoBoard. I felt so hopeful and uplifted just reading it – perhaps it might fill your cup too. People are good.

I’m pretty sure this is just the middle of Simon’s story; for now, Simon says he is okay, starting his life anew in Toronto, and was moved to tears by the abundance of support from so many strangers.  He asked how I find so many kind people; I told him they are everywhere and that I found one on the beach in California. People are kind.

Lastly, I just want to acknowledge the courage that Simon had to reach out and trust a stranger in his time of need. We could all take a lesson from courage like that. People are courageous.

And then there is Lucille Proulx a ninety-year-young, spitfire that I interviewed for Seaside Magazine –  if you think are you too old for anything, I think she may just change your mind! You can enjoy some more inspiration here. #Unbelievable


I’m turning this next part over to a reader, whose story is all too common. I am printing this with permission but anonymously, as requested. She writes…

“One of the hardest issues I have in my life is the doubt that “reality” (as defined by our culture) puts as restraints on my JOY of life. You see, my JOY in life is giving to others- Silly simple things mostly- a jar of homemade soup, a book, whatever. But all too often I have struggled with a very similar thought like you had, “Am I being played?”

Only my self-doubt comes in the question of “Will they think it (my gift) is stupid or weird or…” A little while ago I made a small step to conquer this. I LOVE making homemade soup. I live in Maine and winters are cold… perfect soup weather. I had often thought of sharing the humongous pots of soup I made. But I doubted that it was good enough, probably others made soup better, why would they want mine? Would they think I was a weirdo for giving them soup? Until one day, a friend was very sick. I had just made a batch of soup and decided I was going to do it… I brought her the soup (yes, I stammered and stuttered my little speech at her door that I hoped she felt better soon and here was some homemade soup). She was so moved, so happy that someone had thought of her.
I use that as a reminder to myself to not let my insecurities stop me from doing what is good and kind (and makes me Joyful!). Life IS meant to be experienced. We choose what we wish to experience. I wish to experience joy- in my life and others through sharing, giving, and learned receiving (as others get joy from giving too).
So, never stop being who you really are in your heart, your soul. Say Hello, smile, take the time (and give the gift) of listening to someone. You will experience miracles every day if you do.
Thank you for brightening my day today and reminding me how much I love this life I get to experience.”
Amen, I say. Live your joy folks, live your joy!  Steph
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