Well COVID is easing, let’s throw a war in the mix now, WTH.
I don’t do sad well. It weakens me like a kitten, disables me like a broken leg, sucks zaps energy like a power outage.
What can we do, what can we say, how can we help, how can we keep our heads above water?
I am a woman of action, I need action-oriented ideas. Or do I?
Maybe I need quiet.
Time to deeply appreciate my blessings.
Maybe I need to replenish.
So I can serve.
Support the people who have family in Ukraine.
Donate money and/or blood.
Maybe I need a shoulder.
To cry.
To lean on.
To lament.
Maybe I need to refocus.
On the things I can control.
On the person I am showing up as.
On things that put me in a good place.
Maybe I need to put up boundaries.
About the news.
About energy vampires.
About things, I will tolerate.
Perhaps it is in the duality of pause and action that healing, helping and happiness exist.
The sunflower is the official flower of Ukraine, let’s start posting them everywhere share it to show your solidarity & send love, prayer and light (or whatever you’ve got) for a speedy resolution to this war.
AND then it’s International Women’s Day and I just can’t help but wonder if … well, is it bad to wonder if this war would happen if women were in charge?
But that’s not within my control; what is within my control is cheering and championing for women who are making the world a better place – whether loudly and boldly affecting many or quietly and gently positively affecting a few.
Who can you cheer for, champion and support?
What young women would benefit from being invited under your wing?
What older women can you ask to share hard-won wisdom from?
To all the women that are reading, thank you.
To all the men who encourage strong, independent women, to the men who are respectful, loving, and kind, to the women in their life, thank you.
To the dads who are raising our next generation of game-changers, thank you.
What will you do to stand up for and celebrate women?
And now, speaking of the duality of action and pause; we talked about sadness, let’s give some time to JOY…

What if you are already factory built for great things? So asks Billy Strean, Ph.D.,  University of Alberta Prof, Master Somatic Coach and Laughter Yoga Instructor.

On our Talk Reel podcast, we talked about many things whole-body-related. As an athlete & high-performance coach, Dr. Billy touched on so many interesting points such as tapping into the present joy in your body, feeling more of your body, acknowledging the wisdom of your body, and how reconnecting with yourself, others, and the planet can make a big, positive impact on your life.

Enjoy the show! https://vimeo.com/channels/1541940/680596742

Billy offers free Laughter Yoga sessions via Zoom weekly – contact him at https://adventuresinjoy.com

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