Replace a word.

There is one word you say. A lot.

It’s not a happy word. It’s not a good word. It’s not a positive word.

But you sure like to say it and it’s not serving you well.

What is your word?

  • But
  • Just
  • Whatever
  • Always
  • Never
  • Fine
  • I don’t care
  • Should

My word was ‘too bad’, well I guess that is two words. I don’t know what your word is, but I am certain you know. What if you rarely said that word any longer?

How would things be? Would the world fall apart?

It’s hard to just stop doing something but easier to replace the old habit with a new one.

When you figure out what the word is that is not serving you well, come up with a different more productive word to replace it.

Replacing a word, it’s just one more way you can live Your Live, Unlimited!

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