I love words! Numbers give me a headache, but words, ahhhh. Beautiful words, awesome alliterations, powerful prose, singular or strung together, with beautiful meanings that grow relationships, oh how they can make my heart smile!

With over 150,000 words in the English language, we can cover a plethora of topics and descriptions and feelings, but I recently stumbled onto a word that we don’t seem to have in English.

Mudita (moo-dita) is a pure joy – unadulterated by self-interest. It means being happy for the joys that others are feeling. It’s the polar opposite of the word envy.

Buddhist teachers interpret mudita more broadly as an ‘inner spring of infinite joy that is available to everyone at all times, regardless of circumstances.’

Imagine, you can create your own mudita and cultivate appreciative joy at the success and good fortune of others any time you want!

I love this concept! So I don’t have to feel envy or jealousy of your recent exotic vacation, your new oceanfront home, your recent weight loss, that your husband brought you roses, etc. etc. I get to share your joy! Instead of double trouble, it’s like a double bonus! I get to celebrate your joy and my joy, sign me up, I’m in!

So, if you want more joy, happiness and love in your life this week and beyond – practice mudita – and celebrate the joy, happiness and love that others are experiencing.

Incorporating mudita into your life – it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!


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