I am, perhaps, the queen of embarrassment. Of course, I’m also a parent so that’s kind of our primary job, isn’t it?
Aside from that, if we ever have to share embarrassing stories, while others struggle to come up with one, I struggle to narrow it down to one!  
Which one should I tell:
– when I was a nursing student and I thought my preceptor had a loose hair on her face and I tried to be nice and remove it – yep, it was attached.
– when I hopped off the stage and fell back onto it
– when I had to go pee so bad and everything was closed and I went behind a garbage bin in a downtown Calgary back lane.
– when I forgot the words to a song I wrote while in front of 400+ people
– when I got escorted out of an all-inclusive resort by security
I could go on and on – but enough about me…
Given what I’ve just told you, can you imagine my excitement when I read an article suggesting research (check out this link) showing that sharing embarrassing stories can actually improve creativity, lessen people censoring themselves in brainstorming sessions, and lead to more diverse ideas? And, of course, it would encourage laughing, sharing, connecting and that’s all good in my books!
So why waste a perfectly good embarrassing incident by not sharing it. I will ‘take one for the team’ and look forward to reading your story. Share with me, post it on social, start your next meeting or meal this way and then go have a super-creative day!
Yours in embarrassment, Steph
If you need a little lift, spend a few minutes on this page, it made me say awwww and gave me some ideas to pass along kindness, too!
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