Dear Office Professional,

Today when I thought about what it’d be like

to work in an office,

I think I got it right…

I imagined a job with no deadlines or stress

A boss that communicates without any duress

Holidays, downtime and long lazy lunches

Flowers of gratitude delivered in bunches.

Clients and co-workers skipping with glee

No one complaining and plenty of time to pee.

I know what you’re thinking, that I must be joking

What have I been drinking, what have I been smoking?

For I know that your profession is thankless at times

With shortages and cutbacks, you must turn on a dime

Everyone wants more from you, daily it seems

Faster, bigger, better, you even work in your dreams

Solving the problems that get thrown with a curve

You dodge one, you fix one, you duck and you swerve

Trying to please everyone but yourself

Nadine and George and Cindy and Ralph

Just one little favor, you can do it I’m sure

You don’t mind if I ask you, ‘cuz my desks a blur

When quitting time comes, you stagger out in a daze

Job one is now over, hurry home in a blaze

Quick, shop and dinner, how about gourmet  KFC?

Don’t tell you mother, she’ll be disappointed, won’t she?

Then off to the lessons, the housework, then prep

Cause tomorrow you don’t want to appear too much of a wreck

Late to bed and early to rise,

Smile on your face and what a surprise

Another day budding let’s do it again

Cruising on autopilot straight to the end

Dear office professional, you know you best

Are you taking the time that you need, away from the rest

Are you fulfilled or depleted that’s the real test

Cruising on auto only gets you so far

It’s by taking control of the plane that you’ll be a star.

Dear office professional, please don’t despair

The answers are easy and simple and clear

Keep doing your best, ‘cause it’s the right thing to do

But first, you must start with taking care of you.


Written with respect and admiration for the job you do by life coach, Stephanie Staples from


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