Today’s tip to help you keep emotionally well in turbulent times is about nature. Getting out in nature, changing the scenery from hospital walls or cars or buildings that you are stuck in; taking time for nature.

You may say, ‘But Steph, I don’t have time to go out into nature. You don’t know where I live and how my life is.’

I say you don’t have time to not be in nature. Nature changes. Your mood changes the chemistry in your body. It changes the way you think, just the fresh air alone.

You don’t even have to go outside, open a window and just take some deep breaths. Usually, our lungs are about a third full of air and when you take a big full deep, all your little cells are saying, ‘Thank you so much, that feels so good!’

Open that window. Get some plants. Splurge, buy yourself some flowers.

Every time I look at this orchid on my dining room table, it makes me feel happy. See these little roots here, somebody said we should cut those off. So I Googled it and it said it is a sign that the plant is healthy.  It’s like it’s giving you a thumbs up.

I’m sure we would all love to be able to go for a walk in the woods every day or down by the beach every day but if we cannot breathe and get some fresh air, even when it’s cold or even when it’s too hot or whatever it is, buying yourself some flowers surrounding yourself with plants and greenery, rocks, wood outside, stuff that makes you feel good.

That is another way to keep you emotionally well in turbulent times. 

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