I wrote this a while back, but I need to hear it every now and again, and now is the time! You can listen, read or delete – but whatever you decide, make no apologies.

I apologize.

I’m sorry if I forgot your birthday or your anniversary

If I picked you up late or too early for the show

I apologize, if I offended in some way, either unintentionally

Or maybe, if I was having a bad day, I was intentionally mean

I apologize if you didn’t feel included, if you were secluded

And I didn’t open my arms to you

I apologize whether you are a friend or a stranger

Whether you have been in my life a little or a lot

If you felt I hurt you in any way forgive me, hear that true and sincere

But… forgive me not

Because I don’t apologize, I won’t apologize for being me,

Human, flawed, imperfect

I tried to conform but it wasn’t worth it

I make no more apologies for my sensitive nature

For crying at O Canada or not reading the newspaper

I hear the news everywhere, I don’t need to stare at the crumbling buildings

The people dying and guns blasting, I know it’s happening

I make no apologies because it hurts too much, so I just do what I can

For my fellow man, here, right where I stand

In little ways that might not seem to matter much

But I do it anyway. Because I can. Because I care.

And,  I won’t apologize for the age I am, it’s mine to own

The colour of my skin, or the size of my grin

I won’t apologize for being an extrovert, it’s who I am

I make no apologies for my looks, for my Italian nose,

My extra long toes, they are in fact the only long and slender part of me

‘Where are your legs?’ my ‘friend’ asked while she was walking up the stairs behind me

I laughed, but I hurt, I make no more apologies for what God gave me

My stature, my nature, my eccentric behaviour.

I do apologize if I wronged you, hear that true and sincere

But my dear

I make no apologies for the way that I sneeze,

My wrinkles or knees

Any especially for my sometimes excessive, overly positive outlook

That may annoy you but I can’t destroy you

When I come from a place of love and hope and good intention

So if I forgot to mention

I make no apologies for who I am

Failed, flawed and hopelessly human.

What will you not apologize for?


Cheering for you, whatever you decide…Steph : )

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