When COVID was a new word in our vocab, I made some videos to give some ideas to muddle through the quagmire of goo. It was before I cleaned my bookcase, before I got into better shape, before I knew how high to position the camera and where to look to make eye contact with you.


It is my usual imperfect self, but as I listened to the message, I hold strong that putting limits and boundaries in place to save ourselves remains one of the most self-compassionate things that we can do for ourselves.

As the struggles rage on, all of us dealing with our own kind of ‘hard’, no one knows better than we do, what is good for our mind and soul.

Guard them with your life.

Cheering for you, even in tough times – especially in tough times. Steph : )

PS Did you know that many companies are investing in coaching for their employees as they recognize the multitude of benefits? Ask, you may be covered and we may be able to work together for your greater good!

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