It's an anniversary all right, but it’s not so happy.
Remember last year, yep, it’s been a year since we thought, “Fine, we’ll stay in for a couple of weeks.”
Fast forward and it seems even a bad year goes fast, doesn’t it?
So maybe it’s a good time to talk about ‘Negative Visualization’ (let’s call it NV)- which seems counter-productive for a ‘Motivational Speaker’.
Say with me while I demonstrate NV in relation to the last year.
I imagine that...
  •  myself or someone in my family suffered from COVID – this makes me feel grateful for our health.
  • I didn’t have any savings in the bank when my work disappeared – this makes me grateful that I am good with my money.
  • there is no one to take care of my 95-year-old Mom and my 101-year-old aunt in my absence – this makes me feel so grateful that they are living in assisted living facilities where they are well cared for and for my sister and cousin who lovingly tend to their needs.
  • I live with a person who is mean and selfish and makes my life hard – this makes me appreciate living with a loving, caring partner who makes my life easier
  • my body is broken – this makes me appreciate that every day I can get out of bed myself, explore nature, and even clean my own place
  • my mental health is compromised – this makes me appreciate that I can reinvent my business, help others, learn more and constantly grow, even in tough times
You get the idea. Using the negative to see the positive should appeal to both the optimists and pessimists in the group!
Yes, it’s been quite a year and no, we are not through it yet, but things are looking up and I hope you have some learnings that you can reflect upon, I hope you have some wins to share, I hope you have found some meaning in the struggles.
I’d love to hear from you if you are in the mood to share.
#WeGotThis  Steph    PS – This video is about something so good for you, right under your nose!
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