“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it. “Eleanor Roosevelt

Today, I ponder on peace. On wanting peace, on making peace, on having peace, on creating peace.
I want the world to be at peace – calm, kind, caring.
I want my community to be at peace – helping, contributing, serving.
I want my workplace to be at peace – non-competitive, benevolent, and supportive.
I want to be at peace – content, relaxed, at ease.
But the world, though full of abundance, is not as I wish, there is discord everywhere.
My community, though beautiful, harbours angry and resentful people.
The workplace, ever changing, is unpredictable and pressure-heavy.
I, though I try to lead with gratitude for all that I am and have, struggle to be at peace, too.
I wonder about the difference between wanting peace and having peace.
You can want a better relationship, a better car, a better house and that will not make it so. Same with peace – wanting it will not make it so. Wanting peace may produce sympathy or self-righteousness, making peace may involve empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. I want to make peace.
How then, do we make more peace in our everyday interactions, in our relationships, in our workplaces, in our hearts, and in our world?
Near as I can figure, we focus on what we can control. We focus on the 1000 little things that we do every day, like:
  • One little choice we make to listen, instead of speak
  • One little touchpoint when we extend a kindness
  • One little moment of silence, amidst the chatter
  • One little smile, even if behind the mask
  • One offer of forgiveness, quite possibly to yourself
  • One decision for the greater good, instead of immediate gratification
  • One commitment to acceptance of what is
  • One opportunity to ask, instead of tell
  • One resolution to not have to be right
  • One courageous act of saying ‘no’
Sometimes, pushing for change is fabulous and sometimes creating peace, internally and externally is a much better use of your energy.
What do you want to do to create more peace this week? What will you do?
Enjoy a peace song from the list below (or elsewhere) and peace out for a bit, Steph  

Peaceful World ~ John Mellencamp


Peace On Earth ~ U2

Queen Of Peace ~ Florence and the Machine

Peace of Mind ~ Boston

Peace ~ Hillsong Young and Free

We Want Peace ~ Lenny Kravitz

Peace Frog ~ The Doors

Peace Sword (Open Your Heart) – The Flaming Lips

Rest In Peace – Richie Sambora

Make Your Peace ~ INXS

Circle of Peace ~ Ziggy Marley

Give Me Peace on Earth ~ Modern Talking

Let There Be Peace On Earth ~ Gladys Knight

Peaceful Easy Feeling ~ The Eagles

Peace Of Mind ~ The Killers

World Peace Is None of Your Business – Morrissey

Peace, Love and Understanding ~ Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Peace Train ~ 10000 Maniacs w Natalie Merchant

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