The meditation teacher didn’t give me any change when I paid for my meditation class. When I asked about it, she said the change has to come from within.

Lord knows I’ve tried. I keep trying. I read books, a downloaded this app and that app. I took this class and that class. I’ve tried mantras and chanting and being quiet. I’ve tried in the mornings. I’ve tried at night. I’ve tried inside and outside. I’ve tried solo and with other people. I’ve tried lying down, sitting up, staring at a candle, in the light and in the dark, with a fox, on the rocks.

I’m just not great at it. Yet. I may get great at it someday, who knows?

If you can do it, awesome, wonderful and good on ya!


How can I have a wonderful life without meditation for Pete’s sake??? Ellen does it, Oprah does it, I think I even heard that Elmo does it, heck why can’t I do it?

How come I’m not a frazzled fool in my non-mediative life?

Hmmm? Or is it Ommm?

I think it’s because my meditation looks different from the typical.

My meditation looks a:

  • A walk in the Forrest (aka a Forrest bath)
  • Making music
  • Writing
  • Rock painting
  • A bike ride to nowhere

If the purpose and the benefits of meditation are slowing down, being intentional, improving mindfulness, focused relaxation, reduced stress, etc. etc. then hey, I think I’m doing it.

My meditation takes me away from my stresses, it focuses me, it makes time fly away and it always leaves me feeling better.

There is always more than one right answer and the best answer is the one that works for you.

What do you do that makes you feel those things?

Do you need more of that in your life?

Finding your own ommm, it’s just one more way to Live Your Life, Unlimited!


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