I was preparing to speak to a group of childcare workers and I was a bit nervous. I knew these folks had worked hard all day, then had a staff meeting, and then they still had to stay into the evening to listen to me. They would be pooped!

Thinking how they must be feeling, I thought it may be helpful to write them a note (which turned into a poem, actually) of appreciation and encouragement. This is the result. If you would like a PDF to share with your special childcare professionals, email me at Stephanie@YourLifeUnlimited.caand I will happily send it to you.


Dear Childcare worker – forgive me

I’ve been very neglect

You see, I’m wrapped up in my own world – it’s a bit of a wreck

Forgive me…

For grabbing my child and not stopping to say

How many things I should thank you for today.

For taking my child, leaving me guilt-free

For instilling the values that are important to me

For cleaning up spills and wiping up messes

For cleaning the boo-boos and baring my stresses

For putting up with the sneezes, the dribbles and cries

For staying here late when I neglected the time

Dear childcare worker, how would I manage

If you didn’t bare the burden of this challenge

Because you do this job, I can have peace

Go to my work and earn my families keep

I know your job is quite under-valued

Quite under-appreciated, quite under-salaried

So my only guess why you do what you do

Is for the love of the kids, who also love you

Thank you for being my daily ‘right arm’

And keeping my children away from all harm

For caring and loving and sharing and more

For all that you do, it’s a calling for sure.

Written, with appreciation, by Stephanie Staples  www.YourLifeUnlimited.ca

Thank your childcare professional today and often!

Again, if you would like a PDF to share with your special childcare professionals, email me at Stephanie@YourLifeUnlimited.ca and I will happily send it to you.


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