“We suffer more in our imagination than in reality.”

Stephanie Staples here with another tip for emotional wellness in turbulent times today; I want to talk about worry.

It’s heavy on our minds (and hearts) and this is what I feel about worry; worry wins if it gets to you, even if nothing else happens. So we worry about our health or we worry about our kids and we worry about the world or we worry about all this other stuff.

Most of the stuff we worry about never comes to fruition. Can we agree on that? Most of the stuff we worry about does not come to fruition. Oh, a small percentage does, but even if the situation doesn’t come to fruition, worry has still won. If it is invading your mind, if it is permeating your thoughts, if it is affecting your actions, if it’s affecting your interactions with other people, that worry has still won.

Why let worry you win. Why let it win? If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen and we’re smart, resourceful people, we will deal with it when we have to deal with it.

In the meanwhile, we do whatever we can to prevent bad things from happening; we will be as cautious as we can, be as committed to making things better as we can. To worry about things that we don’t have control over is a waste of that mental bandwidth, which could be much better spent.

Be more positive, be more proactive, be more careful; if something bad happens we’ll deal with it. If it doesn’t happen, don’t let worry win when your emotional wellness is much more important.

Emotional wellness in turbulent times, don’t let worry win.

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