Do you know what’s exhausting? 
Trying to be everything to everyone.
Trying to please everyone.
Trying to be happy, satisfied, motivated et al, all the time. 
Trying to guess what people want.
Trying to fit in places where you want to belong. ‍
Trying to fit in places where you don’t belong.
Trying to be the ‘right’ size, culture, religion, personality type, gender, ‍‍ etc.
Caring what everyone and their  thinks about you.
Trying to walk in high heel shoes.
Showing up as someone else and not completely % you.
It’s just exhausting, isn’t it?  I hope that either my short video above illustrates that for you.
Sorry about the painful-looking face up there – but the message is important!
My invitation to you this week is to just show up as you, whatever you do, wherever you go, just bring your wonderful, flawed, imperfect, trying-your-best-given-the-circumstances self to the table, with no apologies.
Your cue is the mirror – when you look in a mirror ask yourself, “Am I bringing my real self to the table today?” If the answer is yes, carry on!
If the answer is , then ask yourself, “What is one thing that I can do to be more authentically me?”
Then turn around and do it and continue, or start, to love yourself just the way you be!
Cheering for you, Steph
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