There’s yet another great look!  Does it make you wonder what I’m talking about? It’s about being cranky. I’m sure that never happens to you, but in case other people in your life get cranky now and then, you may want to watch this 2- minute clip.
Today, just for fun and to reflect upon last year at this time when everyone was talking about toilet paper – or lack thereof – I’m going to talk about TP. You know me, always last on the bandwagon.  Whatever a bandwagon is?
So I had the privilege to speak for Mercedes Benz (not BMW, if you watched the video, that might be funny ‍) a few years ago – it was about the customer experience, so before the program, before staff knew who I was, I went in as a customer.  I was treated royally, everything was beyond perfect. Until I went to the lady’s room and was un-delighted to find 1 ply toilet paper. Like the same- kind-of-toilet-paper-they-have-at-a-truck-stop-kind-of-toilet-paper. WTH!  Maybe I was being a bathroom snob, but if you want us to drop 90 grand on a vehicle, I think you can treat our privates to 2 ply-Royale, don’tcha think?
TP Lesson #1) If you think little things don’t matter, you may be wrong.  If you think people won’t notice – you may be wrong. If you think your brand, your character, your actions only have to matter some of the time – you may be wrong.
Over or Under – the million-dollar TP question. The marketing geniuses did a number on us just like the ‘rinse & repeat’ with shampoo to make us buy more. Apparently with the TP coming ‘over’ we use x% more TP than if we put it ‘under’ so they printed the pattern so that it looks up-side-down if it’s not put ‘over’. #TPtrivia
TP Lesson #2) Under, under, under, under – just so that the TP company doesn’t win!
The average toilet paper roll consists of 333 sheets and we use an average of 8.6 sheets of tp per trip to the bathroom. Seven percent of Americans admit to stealing toilet paper rolls from hotels, Canadians either don’t steal it or don’t admit it!
Nearly 75 percent of the world’s population doesn’t use tp because it’s too expensive and/or they do not have sufficient plumbing.
TP Lesson #3) Looking for a cue to be grateful? Look no further than when you grab that TP; be grateful for all the things that go with it:
  • Your body’s plumbing works
  • Your home’s plumbing works
  • Sanitation systems so you don’t have to worry about anything after the flush
  • Clean water and soap to wash with
  • A special room with a door for privacy
  • 2 ply tp, ‘under’!
Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you today, thanks for humouring me!
May you have a 2 ply kind of day, Steph
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