I woke up to this text…

“I have a challenge for you Stephanie…right when you wake up to write a congratulatory note to yourself from your 70-year-old self for all the accomplishments you’ve made up until now, the things you’re proud that you’ve done, the person you are, the path you’re on, etc. You don’t have to show me, it can be as long as you like, just message me when it’s done.”

It came from a really great guy, Brian, a couch surfer, turned friend, who stayed with us a few years ago in Winnipeg and again recently here on the island. I didn’t know why he was asking for this out of the blue and even though 70 doesn’t feel all that far away anymore, I dutifully complied. (I should probably write another post about fulfilling other people’s agendas before your own!)

After I wrote it, I messaged him to tell him so and asked him why he asked me to do this. His reply, “Because when I got your text saying you did it, it kinda forced me to do it too!”

Crafty fellow!

My two learnings here:

  1. Brian needed to do something and he couldn’t motivate himself to do it, so he got creative and put out an ask that would move him into action.
  2. Writing the letter was a fun, interesting and insightful experience. It surprised me how quickly I could get into my 70-year-old head and how joyfully, easily and quickly I wrote the letter.

My two challenges for you:

  1. What creative way could you motivate yourself into action?
  2. Write a congratulatory letter from future you (you pick the age) to present-day you. I was going to put mine here for you to read but I changed my mind, it doesn’t matter what I wrote. There is no right or wrong way to do it and no one else has to read it, just let the words pour out unabashedly and uncensored.

I’m no mind reader, but I just have a feeling future you are very, very wise and your next 30 years are going to be extremely shiny!

Creative motivation and a congratulatory letter from future you, it’s one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!

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