$163 USD. 

That’s how much it cost to see Cher in Las Vegas. Work brought me to Vegas and I like to experience something new when I’m away but $163 USD – ouch! I was really on the fence as to whether to go or not, I mean I wasn’t a raving fan or anything and it was a lot of money – but in the end, I decided to splurge.

Good move on my part!

It wasn’t the dozen costume changes, acrobats, amazing sets or the songs from days gone by that made the evening great – it was the few minutes she spoke before the show.

It was when she took us on a journey of some of her tribulations but still focused on gratitude and the grit and resilience it took to move forward.

It was when she talked about not feeling accepted as a singer or as an actor but stood strong in her resolve, despite negativity and naysayers.

It was the perfect combination of looking back and looking forward and taking pleasure in both.

It was when she talked about her age, she said when people hear her age they clap, she doesn’t know why they clap but they always do. The woman’s got it, she knows it, she flaunts it and she makes no apologies.

My absolute favourite part was when, as she turned her back to walk away before strutting her stuff for her 90-minute set, she looked over her shoulder and said with more than a hint of sass, “I’m 72. What’s your Granny doing tonight?”

Cost vs Value – my life is no different without the $163 in my bank account but enjoying the time and experience with friends was fun and valuable and seeing her in person was inspiring to me. And those legs – damn, those legs!

What will you spend your hard-earned money on that will provide you with an experience you can’t get otherwise?

I can’t wait to hear!

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