inor aggravations can be a major pain and a major waste of your precious resourses.

Don’t let minor aggravations ruin your day.

Minor aggravations are things that will not be important next year, next month, probably not even next week. Maybe not even in the next hour!

Think traffics, store lines, rude people you never have to see again.

To go past the annoyance…

Acknowledge your feelings – say that’s interesting, get curious,  wonder why that is bothering you so much?

Keep your perspective.  Ask yourself is this worth ruining my day (or this hour) for? Usually not.

Develop strategies to combat minor inconveniences – counting to ten, cueing up a favourite song, repeating a mantra

Visualize the problem shrinking. Literally, it’s getting smaller and smaller. Or picture erasing it with a huge eraser.

Accept that you may not be able to change the annoyance but you can change the way your relate to it and that is very empowering!

Combatting minor aggravations that’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!

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