I’m still trying to deal with the ongoing saga of my hair regrowing. Every day is a new adventure!

My hair stylist was kind enough to not cut my hair but give me a lesson on how to handle this new part of my life.

Speaking of part…she said the most fascinating thing. She said many people wouldn’t have the courage to completely change their hair, cut it all off and/or change the color. In fact, she said, lots of people won’t even change their part!

Change their part. Hmmm. I was fascinated. I love the double meaning of this statement.

We can change the part in our hair (well most of us, anyway!).
We can change the part we play in relationships.
We can change the part we play in our own lives!

Yes, it was scary shaving my hair off. Yes, I didn’t know what would unfold afterward or how others (or myself) would react. Yes, it may have been bold, daring or crazy but you know what, since I changed my part I have been able to experience really cool things because I did it.

What would happen if you changed your part, even just a little?

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