My beautiful mom made the national news tonight – here is a peek! #grateful

Mother’s Day. A day to reflect, acknowledge, to appreciate.

Today, I am thinking about my friends that will be spending their first Mother’s Day without their moms physically here. The first everything is so hard and moms are so completely irreplaceable. My heart goes out to you.

Today, I think about my friends who lost their moms too young. I think about the moms who have lost children, both young and grown, my mind can’t process what that must be like. I ache for you.

Today, I think about the women who are not technically moms but are mom-like and loved by so many people in their lives.

Today, I think about my sister, Lorraine Baydack, who 13 years my senior, took on a mom-like role and shaped me more than she ever realized. She makes me think of the moms of special needs kids, as she has made such a difference nationally to support families with different needs. Those of us who have not been there cannot understand, but we can support them. I admire you.

Today, I think about my daughter-in-law, Mal Staples, who has proven to be an amazing mother to our precious little Noah for almost a year now. I think about all the moms celebrating their first Mother’s Day and how their lives will never be the same and they can’t imagine it any other way now. I remember that feeling.

Today, I think about moms without the skills to parent, the addicted, the broken, the suffering, who may not have been mothered well themselves. Such sadness, how can we break the cycle?

Today, I think about myself. My mothering. What I did wrong and right. What I ‘should’ have done. There are no do-overs. I have three great kids, Gina Marie, Kara Jacqueline, Aaron William, it can’t be all luck. I know I did some things right, I know I love those guys to the core of my being.

Today, I think about the moms that are ill now and are fighting for their lives. And for ones that know this will be their last Mother’s Day and their kids who know that too. My heart goes out to you all.
Today, I think about the gift of my Mom Liliana Scarnati who at 94 (and a half!), still lights up my life, sings and laughs with me and never forgets to be grateful continuously. She makes my heart smile each day.

Today, as mothering is brought to the forefront I hope you have wonderful memories, or the ability to create some, for those who have been instrumental in making you who you are.

The world needs us to celebrate, grow and love today more than ever. We got this. Happy Mother’s Day.

Love Steph


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