Today I want to talk about colour* and the power of colour. A lot of people wear dark colours because it’s supposed to make you look slender but I want to put a plugin for colours and screw the looking-slender part. Can I say ‘screw’? Well, it’s my blog, so I guess I can.

Put some colours on that make you feel good. Put some colors on that jazz you up. Put some colors in your room that pop.

I painted the walls (well technically The Hub painted them) yellow because it makes me happy.  Colours can do that for you, colours can help you shift your mood.  We get tired of black and gray and dull all the time.

So think about how you can enhance your space with colors, with things that make you feel good, and whether it’s in your office or your bathroom or even putting up a poster can help to shift your mood.

We’re not looking for big huge changes here, we’re looking for small changes that are making you lean into the area that you want to go to, which is toward feeling awesome and away from feeling bad.

Consider adding a little color to your life. A little splash here and a little splash there. Where can you do that?  Surprise somebody with a little colour. I bet they’ll like it too.

*Color for my American friends!

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