As you may or may not know (or care) I have recently fallen in love with a little tan man named Luke. Well technically he’s not really a man, he’s a ukulele, he’s my Lukelele!

As a non-musical person for the first 50 years of my life, this little gem has allowed me into the elusive musician’s world that was previously unbeknownst to me.

Now I use the word musician lightly as I certainly don’t consider myself in that category however, Luke and I can pass the time together quite nicely and he helps me relieve stress and provides countless hours of joy (for me anyway, it’s quite likely punishment for others?!).

And so it was we (Luke and I) found ourselves weather delayed and stuck at New York’s LaGuardia Airport for 24 hours on Canada Day, instead of celebrating in Ottawa like we had planned.

Trying to console myself from bothering others, I took Luke into the ladies' room, sat on a bench and played and sang some original tunes. I figured it might only bother the women for the few minutes they were in there and between flushing, the taps and hand dryers it shouldn’t be too offensive to them.

So there I was minding my own business while other people were doing theirs, when suddenly it turned into the best day of my life!

A lady came over and handed me a folded dollar bill!


“I don’t know if you want money, but you sound just lovely.”


No, no, no I tell her, I don’t want money. (Did I mention Luke’s case was closed?!)

“I insist, you sound lovely.” she said.

Did I mention the ladies room was in the first-class airport lounge – not typically a place for buskers?

I accepted her gift as graciously as I could and then laughed and laughed out loud at the lunacy of it all. I knew I would keep this America bill in Luke’s case forever, I thought I should get her to sign it!

But before I could quit my day job and right after I thought this was the just about the most awesomest thing that had ever happened to me, a little boy comes into the bathroom with his mom. He takes one look at me playing Luke and covers his ears!

I find this sooo funny!! His poor Mom was super embarrassed and told me he had sensory issues and that I sound lovely and not to be offended.

Offended??? Offended?? This is hilarious! It’s quite possibly the best day ever in the history of evers.

I may have missed Canada Day in Canada but I AM CANADIAN and I have an American buck – does this make me a busker?

When you get on your high horse, when you think you are smelling all rosy, when you think you are ‘all that there’ and everything is going your way – remember someone might just cover their ears or the weather Gods might put you in your place or…who knows what will happen that is out of your control.

Three tools help me put things in perspective, maybe they will help you too:

  • Let’s not take ourselves so seriously.
  • Let’s not feel so entitled.
  • Let’s focus on how we handle what happens, not on why it happened.AND regarding Canada Day and the Fourth of July – we should be celebrating the blessings of living in these  amazing countries daily, not just annually!All the best,Steph


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