I first heard this phrase while watching a TED talk about talking to strangers (when you can spare 12 minutes, enjoy it here).

These two words, so rarely put together in the same sentence really made me think about the beautiful interruptions that sometimes find their way into my days.

I work from home, when I’m not on the road, and Randy (the hub) used to say to me, “When you are done working, we’ll go for a walk.”  This rarely, if ever worked because when you are self-employed ( or a parent!) you are never actually ‘done working’ – there is always more to do.


Instead, I would say to him, “Tell me when you want to go for a walk and then I’ll be done working.”
I needed to create a beautiful interruption. Something that would stop me from the endless to-do’s and engage me in something different, something positive, something that allowed me to connect on a different level.
Occasionally, beautiful interruptions just happen, like:
  • when my son pops in after his night shift and has breakfast with me. I had planned to get work done, but this beautiful interruption allows me a rare chance to catch up with my grown-up boy, who hugs me tight and calls me Mommy. I’m so lucky he still makes time for me (oh who am I kidding, it’s just ‘coz I feed him!)  
  • when my seatmate on the plane is in a chatty mood and I really wanted to catch a much-needed nap.  I get to give someone the gift of an ear and I get to meet someone new.
  • when my butt is sore from sitting in my office chair for too long and I hear my art supplies calling my name. I get to create something from nothing, even if it’s just for my eyes.
  • when I get to visit my 91-year-old Mom who sings along as Luke the Uke and I play her requests. I get teary-eyed just thinking that one day I will lose my greatest fan. Meanwhile, I cherish each visit.
  • when my youngest daughter feels like sharing – it’s rare and beautiful. It feels like a gift to be allowed into her world, to laugh together, to connect. Interrupt me anytime girl, I’m here for you.
  • when the dogs whine and I bundle up to take them for a walk. I always feel grateful for getting out in the fresh air, even if I have to pick up poop!
  • when I am in the middle of ‘things’ and my friend from across the border calls just to chat. I’d drop just about anything to connect with the magnificent friends I have.
  • when an audience member seeks me out after a talk – my time on the clock is done but they feel compelled to share their story with me. They trust me, a stranger, with their story and I feel privileged to hear it.
  • when my hubby wants to…. oh never mind.  I am grateful he wants to spend time with me after three-plus decades of being together.
Sometimes beautiful interruptions just happen and sometimes you must be deliberate, intentional and purposeful in creating them. If you pay attention you might find the most beautiful things of all happen when you are being interrupted.

What are your beautiful interruptions? Notice, acknowledge, appreciate and create them.



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