Chances are good most of us will not be coming in 1st in some major race but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the thrill of being first at other things.

Why bother? Because it feels good, it sets a good example, it challenges you, it makes the world a better place, very often, it’s just the right thing to do.

This month here are some suggestions for you to up your game by being 1st:
  • Be the first to start an applause for something you like or  a standing ovation for something you love! Are you the only one standing? That’s fine, you will be appreciated even more.
  • Be the first one to sign up for a charity sporting event or cause. Maybe you will inspire a friend to join you. Don’t know anyone else there? What a great way to meet new, equally great people!
  • Be the first to thank a Police Officer or Custom Officer for keeping us safe. Have your first aid skills up to date first, as they may die of shock.
  • Be the first to smile, wave and/or nod when passing someone. They didn’t smile back? Maybe they will smile at the next person, you still did good!
  • Be the first one to walk away when you find yourself amidst gossip. Maybe someone else will follow you or maybe the gossiper will start getting the message.
  • Be the first one to say sorry, forgive and/or end the fight.
  • Be the first to say no to _________.
  • Be the first to yes to _________.
  • Be the first one to ___________.
As always, I am interested in your ideas, successes and challenges. Email me – I respond!
With three exciting summer events coming up (listed below), there is something for every taste and budget! If you are not in Winnipeg but see something you would like in your city – just reply and we will figure out how to make that happen.
Happy Summering!
Stephanie Staples
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