With diverse clients as diverse from Farmers to Pharmacists, in interesting locales from New York to New Mexico, 2019 was a great year to share inspirations, ideas and insights with busy professionals who are ‘nice for a living’.

Every time they turn on my microphone, I am reminded what a privileged I have to help people feel valued, appreciated and acknowledged and to give them some tools to help them be healthier and happier – like happy, happy!

Here are some typical testimonials from audiences across North America that I addressed in 2019 (unedited and quoted with permission) ...

Unforgettable! I was captivated, mesmerized, inspired and motivated. I laughed and cried and laughed some more. Stephanie is such a great storyteller! Simple yet so thought-provoking, her message moved me so much that I have since taken bigger steps towards achieving my goals. I highly recommend Steph as keynote speaker.” Kike Aderbigbe, CPA Senior Accountant Optiom Inc. Calgary

“A fun and exciting experience!” Amanda Dicastri, ECE Dayhome Provider

Eye-opening. ” Autumn Moor Respiratory Therapist

“Motivational, inspirational and real. ” Kasha Levie, ECE

“Unconventional, attention-grabbing ideas that I can use immediately improve myself. ” Angie Johnson CNO, Memorial Health System

“Awesome program, I’m excited for my next shift so I can do a better job than I did on my last one. ” Sarah Alonzo, RN

Must see, so beneficial with great advice.” Michelle Crowther, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiologist

“Fantastic session! Very empowering & inspiring, she moves people into a positive mindset.” Vanessa Van Helden, MET Corporate Strategies

“Upbeat, funny, motivating and encouraging!” Brianna Bjerke, ECE

Totally soul shaking and absolutely fantastic.” Robin Dalshauh, TEC Canada

“It’s an eye-opener, I’m taking away valuable content. ” Amber Marquez, Nurse Manager

“A fun, informative, worthwhile session.” Gary Dorosz, GM/GSM Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

Thought-provoking. ” Jamie Wall, GM Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

“Great advice and very useful ideas! ” Kelsie Buggi , RN

“Loved it, it was fun & informative!” Rachel Dando, RN

“This motivated me to do an even better job.” Melissa Eschman, RN

“I attended your session for the first time during the Synergy PCMACIC in Victoria, it was honestly one of the most inspiring and memorable sessions of the entire week for me. I enjoyed every moment of the session to the point that I can re-tell your stories as if I lived them myself. The audience were engaged, focused and we all left very inspired.” Omar Assakkali Sales Manager at Hilton Vancouver Airport

“What a wonderful experience, truly a gift. I learned so much from you and truly appreciated your passionate and style of teaching.” Jeanne B Stough, MS. EP, Aspen Valley Hospital

“Really makes you reflect on your role in situations & the world.” Brenda Portillo, Civil Service Commission

“Stephanie absolutely lifted up the room with her passion and audience engagement! Stephanie shared relevant and strategies that could be immediately implemented for greater success both in your personal and professional life. It was a joy to watch Stephanie live and I would highly recommend her for audiences who are looking for fantastic content coupled with entertainment!” Lisa Vlooswyk, Customer Service Leadership Summit

“Stephanie has the ability to make ‘anyone’ into a leader.” Karen Jans Farm Credit Canada, Ag Summit Alberta

“Loved every second of it!” Kira Nelson, TEC

“Very engaging and proactive, I feel filled with positive takeaways!” Laura Duncan TEC, Vernon

“Steph provides the tools and the gratitude to operationalize connection.” Jason Duke TEC Canada

“Thought-provoking.” Leo Baggio, GM Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

“Our group really appreciated your presentation, your style, and your message.” Trent Forsberg Superintendent, Northwest Division
Edmonton Police Service

“Stephanie’s energizing and thought-provoking presentation set a positive tone and was a great way to kick off our conference. She got everyone in the room involved and animated, and that’s not easy at 9am! I strongly recommend Stephanie Staples for your event.” Rob Bye, President, BC Association of Broadcasters

“Easy, memorable tools that can be implemented immediately.” Alison Gerencser, Farm Credit Canada Product Manager

“Highly engaging, funny, truthful and very inspiring.” Linda Obriegewitsch, Farm Credit Canada, Associate Analyst

“Unique & unlike any other motivational speaker I’ve seen before, it’s great!” Bryan Prystupa, Farm Credit Canada, Brand Specialist

“Super high energy and rich content which captivates her audience.” Sunit Chandan, Farm Credit Canada Marketing & Pricing Specialist

“Very engaging, funny & relatable.” Sierra Thompson, Farm Credit Canada, Marketing Specialist
“She delivered in spades! I hired Stephanie to keynote at the Customer Service Leadership Summit and she was authentic, funny and insightful. An absolute professional. I’d recommend Stephanie for any conference where you need the audience to be engaged and inspired.” Jeff Mowatt, Customer Service Leadership Summit

“A passionate, articulate, informative, excellent speaker.” Cheryl Bunnell, Farm Credit Canada, Coordinator

“Eye-opening!” Tina Singh, CDA

“Stephanie’s talk was fun, engaging and inspiring!” Ashley Titus, UIDDS RDH

“Steph presents inspirational information delivered in an entertaining, fun and grateful environment.” Christianne Mayo, Bellamy Orthodontics Instructor

“Excellent, relevant, I loved the entire program!” Nicole Wilkers RN

“Inspiring and motivational.” Elly Anderson, RN

“Engaging, thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring!” Kristen Huners, School Psychologist New York

“Entertaining, engaging and filled with positive vibes! ” Tara Shew, Case Planner SCO Family of Services

Powerful. ” Lorraine Totteh, Progam Manager, SCO Family of Services New York

“Stephanie gives real life tools to help make our lives better. “ Susan Mora, VP I/DD Services SCO Family of Services, New York

Thought-provoking. 5/5” Asha Johnson, SCO Family of Services, New York

Great message articulated in a fun and extremely relatable manner.” Ashlet aHayes, Social Worker SCO Family of Services New York

“She communicates in a way that makes you hear her message.” Alexa Eyring, Social Worker SCO Family of Services New York

“Motivating and empowering for professionals to enhance their lives both personally & professionally.” Candice Brown-Saunders, SCO Family of Services, New York Behaviour Specialist

“Stephanie was related and brought real-life experiences and lessons to teach us how to work better together.” Jasmine Donable, Support Specialist SCO Family of Services

“Excellent, informative, personable and entertaining.” Bridget Mathauser, Director of PR

Eye-opening.” Margaret LaFrombroise, Presentation Medical Center, North Dakota

“Stephanie is a down to earth and gentle heavy hitter who’s message helps people shed the light on their own lives. Great speaker! Great songwriter! Great teacher!” Marny Duncan-Cary, Regina, Sk. TEC Cary Trenching, Sewer & Water

“Excellent, she makes you think! ” Chris Cahill, Medical Clerk

Provocative, upbeat, thoughtful.” Dr. Israel Jacobowitz, Cardiac Surgeon Maimonides. Medical Center New York ,

Enlightening, 5/5!” Leat Romano, Nurse Practioner

Inspirational pearls.” Jini Pac, PA

“Excellent, practical and inspirational.” Shavel Neiman, PA, Physician Assistant

Dynamic and engaging.” Rachelle Fischer, NP

“Very insightful, a lot of good information.” Kim Kakela, Radiology

“Very dynamic, motivational, emotionally inspiring.” Dr. Greg Gill, Dentist, Upper Island District Dental Society

“Easy to implement ideas presented in an upbeat, humorous way.” Helga Austin, Crown Isle Dental Health Center

“Totally won me over with her originality & positivity.” Allan Pulga Farm Credit Canada, Communication Consultant

“Eye-opening for high-performance businesses. ” Isaac LeClair

“A realistic approach to jumpstarting change in your life.” Laura Mitri, Farm Credit Canada Market Insights Specialist

“Simple tools that will have a big impact on finding what everyone wants, health & happiness.” Jill Morgan, Farm Credit Canada, Media Relations

“Inspiring and informative, filled with ah-ha moments. ” Carla Ijarnyca Farm Credit Canada Manager Community Investment

Packs a powerful punch! ” Marny Duncan Cary, TEC, SK

“Stephanie provides a real world example of life’s challenges. I laughed and cried and loved every moment. ” Jasmin Doobay, Program Director, BCAB Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

“She hit the mark perfectly, I highly recommend her for any event!” Mary Nato-Gilroy, Director of Learning & Development, SOC Family Services, New York

“Amazing and impactful. ” Melanie Summach, ECE, TEC

“Strong, reflective, engaging speaker. Very refreshing!” Scott Fee CHEK News Director, BCAB

“Engaging & thought-provoking. ” Jill Bemi, Sport & Culture Heritage

“Fun, real & relevant.” Chris Byrnes, CEO Byrnes Media

“A very enlightening speaker, she makes me want to be more positive.” Corrie Taylor, Gov’t of Mb Prosecutions Manager

“Inspirational, motivational & encouraging!” R. Cook, Indigenous & Northern Relations

“Your talk was dynamic and enlightening and the material was relevant to me personally and professionally.” Jane Kereszte Pacific Dental Conference

“I had the pleasure of seeing Stephanie’s presentation on the last day of the PCMA CIC 2018. She had incredible energy, insight and I found her to be very engaging with the audience. Her presentation was inspirational and left me with new ways to approach my work and my personal life. Her message was very motivating and I really appreciated the take-aways.” Tauna Eden, Senior Sales Manager at The Parkside Hotel & Spa

Makes me really think about how I can motivate my staff and others in my life.” Jodi Wedge, Veterans Affairs Canada

“Very engaging and her words make you think. ” Cheryl Murnaghan, National Program Manager VAC

“Made it fun and interesting!” Donna Arsenault, VAC Supervisor

“Really makes you reflect on your role in situation and the world.” Brenda Protillo Civil Services Commission

“That’s what I call a learning excellence experience! Uplifting and motivating!” Dan Earls, Unity Point Health Memorial Hospital

“Love the non-traditional approach. Appreciated learning about ‘yes’ and excellent exercises!” Ronda Reimer, Franklin General Hospital

“Energy, energy, energy! Keeps you active in the learning! Joani Boger, Loring Hospital

“Stephanie, you wowed our conference attendees, who rated you an incredible 4.75 out of 5. It has been a real privilege for us to have you on our stage once again! We would be honored to brief other meeting planners about your awesome message and brilliant presentation skills. ” Brian Lee, CEO/Founder Healthcare Service Excellence Conference

“Steph was a breeze to work with and delivered perfectly on point. She had our members laughing, crying and learning all the while leaving them with actionable, relevant take aways. If you want a dynamic, impactful program, she’s your girl!” Stacey Brown, OR RN – MORNA

“Highly motivating – she makes her points so applicable to any real life situations.” Crystal Krueger Farm Credit Canada Ag Summit

“Very inspiring and educational.” Ryan Cummings Farm Credit Canada Ag Summit

“Stephanie was insightful and and absolutely delightful! I feel encouraged to put these ideas into action.” Tina Luciak, Farm Credit Canada Ag Summit

AMAZING!! Positive & inspiring!” Melissa Hunter Farm Credit Canada Ag Summit

“I have been to two of Stephanie’s workshops and both times I left feeling changed and inspired. Stephanie’s enthusiasm, passion and energy is 100% infectious and just brings out the best in you!! Stephanie has the ability though to reach down into your core and challenges you to be honest, reflective and authentic in order to be your most amazing self. She also has this ability to make you feel joyful yet wiser and able to accomplish your goals through a new lens. Stephanie is an amazing keynote speaker who will get your team engaged, interactive and spontaneous – I highly recommend her!!!” Anna Pevreal, Director of Nursing, Critical Care and Surgical Services Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, you were fun, inspirational and thought provoking. ” Carolyn Morley, President, Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club

“I am using so many components from your talk. You have truly changed my way of thinking and made me a better person to my family and patients.” Shannon Jewitt, Pacific Dental Conference

“Enlightening!” Petra Rapmund, HR Manager, Standard Aero

“5/5, inspirational and motivating!” Keri D’arignon-Nault, Case Manager Wawanesa Life Insurance

Refreshingly real. ” Laura McCormac, Manitoba Hydro

“She’s interesting, funny and motivational!” Rosemary Borman, Sacred Heart School, Charleston, West Virginia

Oodles of fun and information!” Wendy Miller, Childcare Director

“Motivating, thought-provoking with lots of humor! ” Christine Ronnick, Childcare Center Owner, West Virginia

“Inspirational and real. 5/5!” Margeau Hafer, Wetzel Co School, Pre-K Teacher

“Steph absolutely rocks.” Brandy Sanders, WSD teacher

“You can draw so much inspiration from Stephanie, she is awesome at inspiring and encouraging people.” Tara Pace, Surgery

“An amazing speaker, gets her point across in a fun way, gets us interacting well together and always learning.” Katie Manning, Diagnostic Imaging

“I love Steph’s energy! I really enjoyed her ability to engage the room and I laughed so much. 5/5! Marie Rose, Coder

“Stephanie has a wonderful knowledge of life.” Carolin Jourdan, General Surgery

“She gets everyone involved and makes you want to learn more. Great job!” Rachelle Durfey X-Ray tech.

“Humorous and engaging!” Kara Hayden, SLP = Speech Language Pathologist

“Amazing speaker, such a pleasure!” Kim Mruk, RN Surgery

“Steph is so fun, energetic and tells great stories that show emotional intelligence in action.” Elissa Ayres Surgery

Knowledgable and engaging, 5/5!” Troy LeGore Administration, VP Good Shepherd Health Care System

“Stephanie has a great deal of expertise , it was a great time.” Tammy Martin Surgical Services Director, GSMC

The content will help improve both your career and home. Come with an open mind, it is truly inspiring.” Kayly Hall, ER

“Stephanie makes learning fun.” Kelly Sanders, Administration, VP HR Good Shepherd Health Care System

“So dynamic, entertaining and informative, she gives you words to live by.” Dawn Bonk, Winnipeg School Division

“Engaging, captivating and hits the message home.” Crystal Hanley, Winnipeg Transit

“An interesting and inspirational speaker.” Rick Carleton, Canadian Armed Forces Transition Centre

“A fabulously funny and passionate speaker!” Ahniko Handford, Vertitus Disability & Career Management

“Captivating.” Tuyet Donera, Rehabilitation Return to Work Conference

“Realistic expectations in an unrealistic world.” Dawn Turner, Wpg Hydro.

“Stephanie was amazing to work with! I was so very impressed with her efforts to get to know our culture and business prior to her talk, she brought real-life examples for all of us to relate. Our leadership conference and lives were enriched within a few hours because of her positive spirit and passion for being real with life. Her keynote was entertaining, thought-provoking and genuine. We are better because of her.” Cindy Grammer Essex, Carle Hospital Foundation & Health Alliance

“Thanks for doing such an amazing job yesterday. This is now my seventh WSNA Convention, and I don’t think I’ve ever people have such a good time during a morning session. AND you kept what can be a VERY long awards ceremony from dragging at the end of the day. A miracle! Ben Tilden. Senior Web and Design Specialist

“Loved the presentation at WSNA Conference, so inspiring and learned so much! ” Michelle Rae, RN

Vibrant & Inspirational.” KC Dowd, Shoreline Orthodontics

“Vibrant, you will feel good after her talk! ” Michelle Kosmowski, DMD, Orthodentist

“Inspirational & entertaining.” Erin Eyer, DMD

“She was uniquely real, so engaging and perfectly imperfect. ” Nicc Tangel, Shoreline Othrodontics

“So funny, real and inspirational. 5/5!” Tera Smith, CDA

“Very uplifting and motivating, 5/5!” Emily Emery, Ortha CDA

“Steph really opened my eyes, she inspires me to be better.” Madison Allison, Shoreline Orthodontics

“So engaging and inspiring!” Meagan Kacan, Shoreline Othrodontics

“This is not a boring time, very motivating and relatable!” Sarah Day, Clinical CDA

“I had the privilege of hearing Stephanie speak at the 2019 Washington State Nurses Association convention in Marysville, Wa. Stephanie gave a highly energetic, engaging, motivational, and thought-provoking message. My colleagues and I left thinking we wished she would have presented all the sessions for the two days! Stephanie’s words are life-giving and compassionate. She is a beautiful, brilliant, genuine soul.” Joy Wagaman, RN

“Stephanie came into our workplace with an enthusiasm that was easy to catch. Her genuinenessreally resonated with attendees to her session and our team has been excited incorporate the principles she spoke of into their work and every day life. – Melissa Dumontier, Director of HR, Warehouse One – The Jean Store”

“Stephanie came with practical, amusing insightful advice on how to make small changes that yield big results! Stephanie had us laughing, interacting and having fun while getting us thinking about how we can easily enhance our professional and personal lives and that of those around us!” Deidre Ross HR Bison Family Medical Clinics

“Stephanie’s speeches have made a tremendous affect on both my professional and personal lives. I believe that she is a God send to people like me who just need a little nudge in the right direction. My staff members have remarked about going home and reflecting on something that Stephanie said (each one saying something different) and have started seeing positive changes at home and notice less stress in the classroom. I have noticed a difference in how I see things lately. I am learning to let things go and practice the art of doing an act of kindness daily. THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!! If you are considering hiring her, you will not be let down by her humor, sincerity, and positive/happy heartfelt advice.” Jenica Showman, Early Childhood Specialist VW

Extremely valuable! You’re amazing!” Jaclyn Wait, Admin Assistant

Fun & informative, Steph is real and authentic, love it!” Bernie Feakes, Admin Assistant

“Amazing, 5/5!” Denise, Robson Admin Assistant

“Fantastic! Very positive, funny & informative.” Rosanna Chenier, Admin Assistant

Fantastic energy, great speaker, amazingly inspirational!” Kim Bouwman, Admin Assistant

“Engaging and thought-provoking. ” Karen Volk, Admin Assistant

“Not only very informative and great perspective but fun fun fun! If you’re looking for a speaker look no further!” Raya Lillay, RN, WSNA

“Stephanie is energetic, resourceful, and engaging. She did an excellent job connecting with our leaders and inspiring our group of over 600 to pursue innovation and reduce friction in our workplace while ensuring that we continually improve as leaders.” Theresa Dietz Green, Carle Hospital Foundation

Uplifting & inspiring!” Ginette Volpato, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

“I was fortunate to be in a workshop that Stephanie spoke at. She is fun, relatable, energetic and engaging. I highly recommend her to anyone look for a great speaker.” Andrea Clay Wagner

Absolutely delightful, motivational and inspiring!” Kyra Humphery, Certified Dental/Ortho Assistant

“You are a powerful influence in such a great way!” Sally Budak RN

“Appreciated having you at our event this week! We continue to receive terrific feedback from participants – thank you!” Elizabeth Angelo, Sr. System Vice President & Associate CNO at Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Area

“Fun, exciting and engaging!” Christine Henson, RN Manager Newport, Oregon

“One of the best and provides a great opportunity for growth! ” Trina Trevano, Lab, Phlebotomist

“Very engaging, love the conversation, real world style.” Pamela Martin, Pharmacist

Infectious and inspiring!” Dr. Lesley Ogden, CEO Samaritan Pacific Hospital

“Great program, Stephanie is very knowledgable, inspiring and committed.” Sam Jones, RN, Nursing Admin. VP Patient Care Services

“Steph is very engaging, humorous and uses real world stories to make her points.” Melissa Maxon, HR

Superb! ” Linda Cunningham, PFAC, Oregon

“Amazing!” Haley Carver, OB

Thought-provoking and enlightening for me.” Brad Lohner, CEO & President, Priority Credit Recovery

Very fun & engaging!” Carmen Eisenbaann, RN, OB

“Lively, entertaining and everyone can take something back and apply it to all of life.” Lindsay Fowler, CT Lead, Diagnostic Imaging

“If you’re on a Patient Experience Journey or looking to reignite it – this is where I’d start – call Steph!” Laurie Simpson, SHS Director


I’d love to speak with you about your upcoming event, meeting or retreat, I just may be able to help you help your people! My cell is 204.227.2165 or email Stephanie@YourLifeUnlimited.ca . Let’s do this!  Steph


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