Here are some typical testimonials from Steph’s 2018 programs and if you feel the urge to read more you can check out past year’s testimonials here!


“Our conference LOVED Stephanie! It’s not easy to keep people in the room during the final session on the final day of a two-day conference, but no one left Stephanie’s presentation. She was funny and engaging. But, most importantly, she came with a great message that resonated with our audience of busy leaders. She gave us spot-on advice on how to bring our “A” game home so we can have a better work/life balance. What more can you ask for from a speaker?
I highly recommend her.”
Kathy Fauble, Illinois Critical Access Hospital

“We were fortunate enough to have Stephanie come and talk not to just our employees, but to our community as well, about giving your all in life and work, she brings an awesome message and relates to everyone in the room in one way or another. I’ve already recommended her to others!”
Matt Shahan, CEO West River Health Services

“ Stephanie, you’re a Wonder Woman… captivated us with your realistic and down-to-earth powers of communication, humor and musical talent. You have left us with a bucket of tools on how to balance both life and work effectively and how to improve them in a more positive way… indeed a very inspiring outlook.” Leilani Ocampo, RN BSN CNeph© Nurse Educator, Renal Program, Providence Health
“Fantastic, funny, engaging and real!”
Sarah Gehrig, Patient Intake Co-ordinator, Gold Beach Oregon.

“Totally enjoyed every minute watching Stephanie Staples rocking her audience with her magical, raw authenticity. From the second she began… 3 pm on a Friday, she had them. Brilliant!”
Michelle Ray, Leadership Expert

Ruthie Belcher Curry Health Network

“Stephanie Staples’ presentation was impactful, refreshing and inspiring! Thank you, Stephanie, for an uplifting and memorable Keynote that resonated with everyone!”
Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga, Ontario

Erika Bordelon, Registered Respiratory Therapist

“Lively, funny and lots of useful information.”
Code Benham, Administration Curry Health Network

“You rocked it.”
Sandy Short, Gold Beach Oregon.

“Stephanie was a breath of fresh air for our group. I highly recommend Stephanie if you want a speaker to inspire your audience and at the same time make them smile and laugh … Stephanie fits the bill.”
Shari Molchan Nanaimo Women’s Business Network

“As the last speaker of a very full, two-day healthcare conference, Stephanie Staples still had the audiences on the edge (and even out of their) seats!”

“She brought an energy across the room and presented a motivational message in an incredibly relatable, ‘real-world’ way. She motivated the crowd of CEOs, nurses, board members, financial and insurance gurus, HR, and PR professionals to take the small steps needed towards achieving an ultimate goal.”

“She even wrote us a song further helping me and everyone else realize what a force of nature she is! We all left the ballroom feeling like we’d made a friend.” Stephanie DeMay, ICAHN meeting planner

“She is a dynamic and a vibrant ball of energy!”
Janet Lacey, RN. OR Manager

“Most positive person I’ve ever met and does a great job of motivating others.” Kelly Roberts, Director

“Excellent, I’m new to the position of ER Director and the things I’ve learned will make a difference in how I lead, it’s been life-changing!”
Connie Gina Director of Education & ER

“Stephanie Staples is among the most talented persons that I have engaged as a keynote speaker. She relates to her audience and the job is done with substance and humor. She has my unqualified endorsement.”
Thomas Vocino, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Public Service, Troy University.

“Stephanie’s keynote was dynamic and inspirational and her breakout session was brilliant too. Very thought provoking and inspirational.”
Joan Axford, Executive Director BCASBO

“I had the pleasure of having Stephanie present at our event. As the headliner, she brought the house down with her insights! Her pure energy is contagious and the after “buzz” of her talk has truly inspired our team!”
Bob Mueller, Nanaimo, BC

“Stephanie was the consummate professional. The way that she was able to adapt to a less than ideal venue situation was very impressive. Stephanie read the audience well and did her homework as to what people wanted. I would recommend any organization bringing Stephanie in to invigorate your staff to focus on what is important in their lives.”
Debbie Holmes Career & Work Experience Coordinator Education Services School – Interagency Programs. Surrey School District

“Every course she has conducted has inspired me to be a better person. She makes learning fun and easy to remember.”
Tina Haynes, Health Information Director

“Interactive, informative, powerful and fun, I always learn something I want to share!”
Dianne Davidson, COO Union General Hospital

“Stephanie makes you think and open your eyes to a new way of thinking.” Evalyn Ormand, CEO Union General Hospital, Louisiana

“Completely inspirational and fun!”

“Real, relevant and deeply moving.”

“Extremely relatable and applicable.”

“Refreshing, awesome and amazing!”

“Refreshing. Gentle & powerful inspiration.”
Marlis Sawicki, Island Wealth

“Our hospital is improving greatly because of you. The helpful, useful content is paired with a presenter who holds your attention and wants you to learn.” Brittany Smith – Dietary Director

“Insightful, powerful, simple – loved it!”
Erica Clarke, National Director, Wellness & Lifestyle, Amica

“Impactful. Little (BIG) tips you can do right now – thank you!”
Andrea Prasad, Vice President at BayBridge Senior Living

“Everyone thought you were the highlight of the conference. They loved you. Thanks so very much for your authentic-ness.”
Kathryn Keough-Rocheleau, RN Senior Director of Wellness Amica

“This was one of the best sessions I have ever attended. Stephanie is phenomenal and I will not forget some of the points she made.”

“Fun! Topic was very informative and can be applied both in the work place and to everyone’s life. Perfect!”

“Totally fun & engaging and inspires active change!”
Julia Leiterman, CFO SD

“The message hit me hard. Spot on.”
Anthony Larson, West River Health Services

“She is a dynamic ball of energy!”
Janet Lacey, RN OR Manager, North Dakota

“High energy, very relatable and real.”
Michelle Steen, Accounts Payable, West River Health Services

“Fabulous and helpful for everyone!”
Billie Mattis, Continuing Care Coordinating

“Stephanie is a relatable source of inspiration for small, realistic and continuous improvement.”
Jasmin Fosheim, Director
“Fabulous, your words touched me more than you can know.”
Teresa Wertman, Payroll Manager, Abbotsford School District

“Very warm, engaging & thought provoking.”
Linda Gertz, Finance Manager Surrey

“Educational and entertaining.”
Lisa Freedman Civil Service Commission

“Oozes positive energy!”
Melanie Larner, MLLC

“Energizing with a slice of punch in the gut.”
Bobbie Robitoux, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Commission

“Fantastic and engaging, I highly enjoyed your presentation, your presence and your content.”
Taunia Sutton, Director of Finance SD # 68

“Interesting with lots of food for thought!”
Christine Sainsbury, Manager Planning & Financial Control

“Entertaining, energetic & completely approachable. 5/5!”
Valerie Dougans CPA

Steven Aie Finance Manager SD #74

“This wonderful person is not just motivational but gets you thinking on the right track & then doing!”
Audrey Mackenzie HR Manager
“You have opened my eyes!”
Joery May Hao-Hawboldt RN, Director Amica

“We brought in Steph to energize a group of 200 interested but somewhat skeptical health care professionals (doctors, nurses and executive leaders). The topic was a difficult one: how do you build a culture of health care provider wellness in a large tertiary care centre full of dedicated but tired, burnt out staff.”

“Steph provided us with more than we could have hoped… a knowledgeable, experienced look into our own personal practices, empathy into what we were going through, practical tips to start the process of healing, and a vision of a greater future… all in 1 hour (after a big lunch).”

“We collectively loved Steph’s energy, enthusiasm, and message (on a scale of 1 to 5, ever seen a 6?). I would not hesitate to bring her back and will be recommending her to colleagues around my health region. We could all use a little more Stephanie Staples in our practices.”
Dr. John Hwang MD FRCSC
Physician QI Champion, Royal Columbian Hospital

“Substance, poignant and engaging.”
Dr. Ida Gallo, Fraser Health

“Stephanie is informative and entertaining -good use of participation vs boring lecture.”
Bill Noel, Admin Grand River Health

“Inspirational, fun, realistic and doable!”
Nancy K., RN Certified Nurse Educator

“Excellent, thought-provoking and enjoyable.”
Sarah Gillis Nurse Educator

“Empowering, enlightening.”
Kim Warwick, Head Nurse Royal Columbian Hospital

“Absolutely hilarious plus motivational!”
Patricia Wade, RN Trillium Health Serivces

Yvette Deleff, Senior Nursing Consultant

“Your talk was amazing.”
Kathryn.Hayward-Murray, Chief Nursing Executive; Trillium Health Service

“Engaging, valuable, entertaining.”
Danielle Simandl Nurse Practitioner

“Thought provoking and enjoyable.”
Jan Inman, Director of Professional Conduct

“Realistic and motivational.”
Amanda Ward, Colorado Mountain College Fiscal Manager

“Humorous, thought-provoking and uplifting speaker.”
Pam Fitzgerald CCCHC Lab Manager

“Personal, engaging, practical and insightful.”
Mitchel Dean, WRHS Phlebotomist

“She pulls in you and elevates you, no matter where you are.”
Holly Victor RN

“Positivity at it’s finest.”
Clancy Pullman, RN North Dakota

“An eye-opening program.”
Lacey Ritcher, RN

“Thought-provoking – makes me want to become a better leader.”
Alice Grinsteiner HR/Safety Director

“Fun! The topic was very informative and can be applied both in the workplace and to everyone’s life. Perfect!”

“Excellent, I believe this lady has empowered me to make a lot of positive changes in my life.”
Edmonton, Alberta

“Awesome, makes sense. Speaks at a level you can understand, great toolkit will use in my life.”

“Sensational speaker who would benefit any audience.”
Audrey Krebs, Bereavement Co-ordinator

“Very funny, entertaining with a meaningful message.”
Sandy Heidel, Sakakawea Medical Center

Candy Grimm, Nurse Practitioner

“Stephanie is knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating!”
Kristine, Morn, GRH Colorada

“Inspiring and practical.”
Stephanie Bauhaus, Community Health Nurse

“If you want to find health and happiness but don’t know where to start, this program is the place to start.”
Sheena Peter, Senior Nursing Consultant

“Awesome, I learned so much!”
Denise RN, Northwest Territories

“Applicable to all areas of personal & professional development.”
Samantha Mackenzie, RN, Northwest Territories

“Amazing facilitator with the energy to mobilize others.”
Jennifer Pearce RN Northwest Territories

“Stephanie is an amazing speaker! She speaks from the heart with deep sincerity and powerful positive energy. She lifted the whole crowd, and people left feeling purposeful and action-oriented. I highly recommend Stephanie. Her message resonates with any audience!”
Paul Krismer, Victoria, BC.

“Practical, concrete and realistic.”
Cherry Chen RN Royal Columbian Hospital

“Excellent engaging and inspiring speaker with great material!”
Meghan Brace CNO, Curry Health Network

“Stephanie was fun, warm, inviting, educational and real.”
Jennifer Weller, RNANT/NU

“You are an amazing speaker and we appreciate all of your kindness and support leading up to the big day!”
Elizabeth Albernaz
Conference Organizer, Learning & Organizational Development, Trillium Health Network

“Incredible insight and inspiration! So FUN, loved your message, your enthusiasm, and your passion. We all felt blessed to have heard you.”
Joanne Marlow, CAPS BC

“Stephanie brings her positivity, insight & valuable experience to the table. An uplifting experience that left me feeling full!”
Carolin Bennett RN

“Blew me away! Uplifting, inspiring, actionable.”
Rachel Goodman – Practice Liaison

“Motivating, uplifting, absolutely amazing.”
Melissa Baggett, Administrator Outpatient Imaging Affiliates

“Wow, she lifted me high! Love her!”
Jannie Shelnutt, Alabama

“Touched my heart – so impactful.”
Margaret Colarossi

“Smiles from the inside.”
Cathy Houge, Director
“A total refresh and reset of my life.”
Susan Saganski, Marriot Int’l

“My favourite part of the conference!”
Julia Garner, Tourism Kelowna

“Stephanie is inspiring, energetic and entertaining all while giving valuable information. She is such a gifted speaker and has a knack of connecting with people instantly. She is so relatable and offers tremendous insights into this thing we call life, both personally and professionally. Her one of a kind energy and passion are contagious! Her ukulele playing is pretty amazing too!”
Annick Pruett, Director of Community Relations, Grand River Health

“Highly interactive and turns content into practical application.”
Kinda Spaulding, Administrator GRH

“Steph is amazing and the content in a must!”
Arrow Lontine, Plant Op.

“Touching and pertinent.”
William Werner, SLV Health

Paula Dueck, Director or Quality Springhill Medical Centre

“Personal, interactive and fun! Steph is wonderful!”
Dave Gilmore, COO, Gold Beach, Oregon

Curtis Hoople, Edmonton Police Officer

“Phenomenal, authentic and inspirational.”
Kati Henz, Hottar Community Hospital

“Like a morning cup of coffee, wakes you up and makes you happy.”
Rebecca Pettey, Good Shepherd Hospital

“Wow, she energizes and keeps it real.”
Jim Schlenker, Good Sheperd Hospital

Julie Klassen, Artesican Valley Health System

“I have been in other programs of hers and I love the interaction, the energy and the things that I left with.”
Jennifer Ean,  Artesican Valley Health System

“You were amazing and spoke to my heart. Thank you!”
Mallory Bork, CTSHCS

“Love, love, love. I couldn’t wait to hear you again!”
Tamara Shepherd

“Stephanie has a message for everyone young and old, each layer of her program is like an onion revealing something new, exciting and needed.”
Elizabeth Bishop, Salina Surgical

“She gives you tools to succeed and makes you feel better about yourself at the same time.”
Kara Goff HFMA

“Stephanie puts real perspective to leadership not only in work, but in life.”
ARSI, VP of Client Services

“She provides invaluable insights.”
Lorraine Gengler Lindsborg Hospital CFO

“Every time Stephanie takes the stage she captures my attention with her creativity, authentic expression and her charm. Her presentations are always so entertaining and informative, but more than that, she has a very unique authenticity that is rare and very compelling.”

“Each time I hear Stephanie speak I walk away with a new perspective on something, renewed creative thought and very inspired to be better than I am. Not many speakers effect change in me like Stephanie does.”

“I recommend Stephanie for any event who wants a speaker who will captivate, inspire and thrill your audience.”
Steve Lowell, CAPS National President

“She is amazing and content is full of new great concepts!”
Karen Juarez, Rifle, Colorado

“Stephanie is such an inspiration and breath of fresh air. She is incredibly professional and welcoming to everyone around her. Her presentation was uplifting and motivating. Everyone left her presentation wanting to strive for balance, success and fulfillment.”

“It was more than a pleasure working with her and having her speak at our wellness conference was the perfect fit. I hope to work with her again one day.”
T. Hermosura – Edmonton Police Services Wellness Conference
“Amazing at what she does.”
Brenda Gonzalez, EDMCC/MedSurg – Grand River Health

“Super-knowledgeable and full of great, helpful, easy to understand and relatable tips and ideas!”
Lindsey Roe, Nutrition – GRH

“Stephanie had the attention of all the members of our group THE WHOLE TIME (4 hours!). So very in tune with the audience’s needs. Her evaluations were almost all the highest score she could get. More than that, each person walked away with actionable items that will make them better people on this earth and better people at work. She spoke to my HFMA group from a place of connection. She found the nuance. Wins!”
Devon Haas Kim, CEO Haas and Long, HERe Women’s Conference a branch of the Healthcare Financial Management Association

“Very informative and a great speaker.”
Scot Plesuk, Edmonton Police Officer

“Stephanie is the most positively inspirational person I know! Her compassionate insights, practical perspectives and caring anecdotes for self-development provide growth seeds that make a difference for everybody she comes into contact with, online, in person or in writing. Her sense of humour endears and her truth provokes! I am fortunate to have connected with Stephanie on more that a few occasions and I don’t know anyone who walks the talk, and talks the walk more. Thank you, Stephanie, for your continuous and unfailing passion!” Randy Bolton, Employment Training Specialist, Steps2Work

“You are a clear light in this world, one that illuminates, uplifts and inspires the lives of the many around the world who are fortunate enough to be touched by your brilliance. Your life is one of service and no matter where you go or what you do, that joyful, loving, playful tsunami of awakening energy, so freely given, is the signature of your inmost essence. We’re lucky to be on the same planet.”
ET Nada

“Very knowledgeable in her field of expertise, animated, interesting and engaging.”
Will Higher, RN

“She provided invaluable insight.”
Laraine Gengler, CFO Lindsborg Hospital

Paula Pederson, Director

“Stephanie was very enjoyable to listen to and provided many valuable takeaways.”
Karen O’Mara CPA/Auditor

“Stephanie puts real perspective to leadership not only in work but in life.”
Nikki Esquibel, VP of Client Services, Arisco

“She gives you the tools to succeed and makes you feel better about yourself.” Kara Goff, HFMA – Kansas

“Awesome, you will laugh, cry and definitely enjoy.”
Roseanne Snyder, Radiology Tech. Louisanna

“She opens your eyes to how you can make a big impact in your daily life.” Rebecca Bird Accounting Manager HFMA
“She is amazing!”
Brenda Gonzales, ED RN

“Straight shooter – good stuff!”
Jen Hodren, Meg Sure Director

“Energetic, articulate, relatable.”
Katie Moon – Infection Prevention

“Her program is life altering.”
Dale Schooley, Harold Bishop School

“She is dynamic, authentic, fun and so good!”
Brenda Vandal, Aboriginal Youth Worker

“Amazing and inspirational – connected with me on many levels. You have truly brought light into a dark place I need to escape.”
Pamela Pinner, Bear Creek

“Inspiring, clear, full of insight.”
Andrea Baig, North Surrey Secondary School

“A refreshingly human speaker who has something applicable to say to everyone.”
Carol Mullen, North Surrey Secondary School

“So full of positivity! Great inspiration and suggestions on how to improve your life and reach goals.”
Jasdip Sadhra, Librarian

“Very knowledgeable and brings out the best in people.”
Glenda Boyette, Director

“Awesome!!! Held everyone’s attention the entire time.”
Brittany Smith, Dietician

SLAMMED with inspiration to be better at my job and my down-time as well. It so resonated with me.”
Emily Bailey

“Uplifting and energizing!”
Julie Duty, Director Union General Hospital

Sheri Taylor, HR Director, Union General

“Remarkable teaching.”
Theresa Moon, LPN

“The coolest and one of the most rewarding experiences ever!”
Bonnie Rosson, ER Union General Hospital

“Hands down a wonderful program not only for work but for relationships outside of work.”
Tina Dendy, Lab Tech. Farmerville, LA

“Stephanie is awesome! I was privileged to witness her energy, competency, and professionalism at her Bring Your ‘A’ Game program. Stephanie is a true talent in the consulting and culture building arenas! I was so pleased to see the employees of our hospital connect so quickly with Stephanie, and it was evident that her words, thoughts, and insights were impactful to them. This was a delight for me to observe from my perspective as a board member. Stephanie delivered a compassionate and genuine presentation that defined and pinpointed many ideas and possibilities that will be extremely beneficial for everyone at our facility. Stephanie is a great investment with a substantial return”!
Tim Tettleton, Sr VP Business Development, Origin Bank Board Chairman Union General Hospital Louisiana

“Your message is one that our staff needs, and the manner in which it was delivered was beautiful, memorable, humorous, all the right things!!”
DeAnna Beve Caspers, Richmond Hospital

“Absolutely what we needed!”
Annick Pruett Community Relation, GRH

“I had the privilege of hearing three of Stephanie’s talks at a large international conference I attended last week. Stephanie’s unique blend of storytelling, humor, songs, and down-to-earth actionable advice makes her an incredibly engaging speaker. I was challenged, inspired, and encouraged to go away and make some positive changes in my own life. I would highly recommend Stephanie as an inspiring motivational speaker.”
Tom Waterton, IBM, England

“Top Notch – she has truly helped our leadership move forward!”
Stacey Pemberton, CNO Grand River Hospital
“A text-book perfect responses from the audiences in all the ways one would hope. You really moved people to take action & change their life.
The audience was captivated, motivated and responsive to your presentations. Thanks again for putting as much heart into your time on stage as you did. As you say – you brought your A game!”
Laurence Paverd, IBM Drury

“Entertaining, engaging and wonderful!”
Kristie Moon, IP Colorado
”Opened my eyes to new ideas and ways to accomplish them.”
Brent Cranford, ER Nurse

“Excellent quality and high value!”
Kate Hollenshead Cook, Pharmacist

“Stephanie has a unique way of getting people to open up and get out of their comfort zones in order to improve.”
William Adcock, CFO

“Her teaching methods make it easy to stay tuned it!”
Dianne Davidson, COO

“Stephanie is one fabulous leader with a program that can truly inspire culture change. We love her!”
Evalyn Ormond, CEO

“She is full of spirit and joy and always makes whatever we are learning super engaging and interesting.”
Bonnie Rosson, ER

“Love the way you engage to teach!”
Sheri Taylor, HR Director

“I would highly recommend, time flies by when having fun learning.”
Juanita Sanford, Controller

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