In 2017 from the big city of Dubai to a wee town in rural Arkansas, from physicians to maintenance workers, I continued to make my living getting on a plane and a stage to inspire and uplift people to bring their ‘A’ game to work & life.

Every day they turned on my mic I said a quiet thank you for the privilege of doing the job I love and having the chance to make a positive impact in workplaces, conferences and lives.

Every year I put together a compilation of typical quotes from events I have spoken at during the year. I hope this will help people who are considering hiring me to feel more confident in what they are going to get. If nothing else it reminds me that I’m pretty good at what I do. Hey everyone needs a little encouragement now and then, even the ‘motivational speaker’!

2017 Testimonial from Stephanie Staples’ presents … Your Life, Unlimited!

“Value plus – this easy-to-work, fun, engaging and relevant speaker left our members with actionable take-a-ways to use in their roles as leaders both inside and outside of business. I can recommend her with confidence to both educate and entertain your participants.”
Jo Sours, Managing Director at Greater Southwest Chapter CMAA

“You never disappoint, I am one of your biggest fans!” Gale Schulz, Regional Director, Medical Device Reprocessing Conference

“Stephanie was an amazing opening speaker at our recent conference for young professionals. She brought energy, enthusiasm, and practical take-a-ways to help attendees be their best selves. Our young leaders raved about her session, and we would gladly have her back to speak again! We are lucky to have such talent in Winnipeg!” Jocelyne Rothswell, Credit Union – Young Leaders Conference Conference Chair.

“What an impactful speaker. Our teams need useful information they can implement today, without complexity. Our accounting people want ROI, today. Stephanie delivers both. We hired her back for more, because it made good business sense.” Dr. Hans Herchen, CEO Dental Choice

“Entertaining, engaging and emotionally moving.” Alexandra Iancu, RDH, Edmonton

“Loved her!! So very engaging, energetic, uplifting & positive. A breath of fresh air!” Doreen Ulmer, Register Dental Hygenist, EDDA

“Amazing, eye opening, life changing.” Katelin Bexson, RHA Alberta

“I was inspired to want to do better for ME! This was the first time in I don’t know how long that I was sorely thinking of my wellbeing. I feel great!”
Laureen Harman, Dental Hygienist Alberta

“Motivating, fun, thought provoking ideas and action.” Donna Johnson, RDH, EDDS Conference

“MAGNIFICANT – she speaks about everything I think about but don’t have the courage to say.” Simran Boparai, RDH, Edmonton

“Steph is a one-of-a-kind motivator! She’s real, genuine, down-to-earth, and highly engaging. Her sessions leave participants feeling inspired, refreshed, and equipped to turn challenges in to opportunities for personal and professional growth. Using an interactive teaching style, she presents concepts that are easy to apply immediately upon exiting her session. If you have the opportunity to connect with Stephanie, do it! She will most definitely leave a positive impact.” Leah Lehtola, Program Director for Customer Service Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital

“I heard you speak in February at a healthcare conference in Long Beach.  I went home and had a good long look in the mirror. Since then I lost 20 pounds, completely changed the relationship my wife have and my staff keep asking what happened because I’m a different person in the way I reacts to patients and staff.”  Aspen Doctor

“When Desi talks about you she lights up and now I know why.” Melissa, CCMH

“If you have the opportunity to hear this speaker, take it! Even better, book her for your next conference. A dream to work with!
Juli Brisson, National Association of Family Childcare

When clients take the time to make public recommendations like this (posted on LinkedIn today) it means more to me than words can say. This poor person experienced 2 full days in a row of me and still had nice things to say! Whew!

“You have made an indelible impact here in your short time with us.”
Annick Pruett, Communications, Grand River Health, Colorado

“Very eye-opening.” Aaron Chetek, GM EDL

Immediate impact on me and how I act at work.”
Dan Hanna, President Parkwood Homes.

“Very thought provoking and relevant.” Arthur Langner, Chairman, Nortux, Inc.

“5/5 – Enlightening, good insight on an important topic that is rarely covered.”
David Wickenberg, KWB CPA’s Managing Partner

“Stephanie… you are made from 100% fun!” Steve Foran, Nova Scotia

“Thank you Stephanie for your energetic, real life engaging presentation at the Winnipeg Medical Device Reprocessing Conference! You had our group fully engaged & interactive the whole time. I was inspired by your ability to enable me to rediscover the ‘everyday’ joys of life! I surely recommend any group to have you present to their employees.” Merlee Steele-Rodway RN President- CAMDR

“Excellent! Very engaging & interactive with excellent information/advice.”
Dawn Christenson, RN Cavalier County Memorial Hospital

“Stephanie Staples ROCKED the HOUSE as our motivational speaker for our annual team days in Calgary and Edmonton last week (June 2017). I left feeling energized, motivated, excited about what I could do to elevate my life both personally and professionally. More importantly I left with a full set of useful tools to immediately implement the insights of the day. We received excellent ratings from our 100+ professional staff and associates attending this event. Anyone looking to recharge, reward and revitalize their employees and associates must consider Stephanie for their corporate events!” Carol Gervais, Controller, Dental Choice

Inspiration at its best, I want to hear everything again!”
Sandi Levondoski, Western Medical Clinic, Business Manager

“Applicable – every strategy is easy to apply to help make life better!”
Melissa Shostak, Instructional Designer

Uplifting & inspiring – she was such a positive person she inspired me to try to be a better person by approaching situations differently.”
Cathy Tapp, MPI

Something for everyone!” Christine Domish, Senior Case Manager

Entertaining, motivational, funny, real, inspiring.” Krista Apperley Purchasing Agent

Simply amazing! Stephanie was such a dynamic speaker. Her energetic presentation to our group kept us all focused and entertained. Interactive and fun, her examples were spot on and she left us with tools to bring our A game to work each time to make a difference in the lives of the patients we care for and the people we work with.”Cora Bagaoisan, Advanced Practice Nurse Educator, Toronto Western Hospital – University Health Network

“Fun, off the beaten path, engaging!” Annick Pruett, Communications, Grand Rivers Health District

“Excellent, practical, interactive and fun. Time flew by!
Kendra Spendisy, Admin/ED, Grand Rivers Health District

“A joy to listen to!” Brianne Nichols, Clinic West Colorado

“Very fun and opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas.” Amber Johnson, RN – Grand Rivers Health District, CO

“Stephanie is a powerhouse of positive energy.” Aspen Valley Hospital, MRI Tech.

“Stephanie inspires real ways to make powerful, positive changes in life.” Jennifer Slaughter, Community Relations Direcotr, Aspen Valley Hospital

“A breath of fresh air, positive and inspirational!” Lauire Mateychuk, EA MB.

“A powerful presence of positivity!” Tina Haayer, Clinical Educator, Vancouver Coastal Hospital

“5/5 – Brimming with positivity!” Rebecca Werst, Adams Memorial Hospital

“Stephanie has changed my life and helped me become a better me.” Jill Condon, Pharmacist

“Wonderfully delightful with a touch of awesome.” Jason McCullough, Lab Adam’s Memorial Hospital

“You were the soul of the event, you were phenomenal.” Nuo Yang, Government of Manitoba

“Stephanie is amazing! Very worth the time to attend, it’s a game-changer!” Molly Nelson, RN Sakakawea Medical Centre

You inspire me to be more than I am.” Janice Martin, RN Clinical Resource Coordinator

“Stephanie is exceptionally gifted at connecting with people and teaching trough emotion and real world examples that everyone can relate to.”
Jennifer Slaughter, Director, Community Relations, Colorado

“Eye opener!” Margie Slater, Director of Inpatient Services

“Engaging, she is able to make important information accessible and memorable! Meredith Nelson Daniel, Aspen Valley Hospital

“Great ideas, engaging and real. Her stories touch my heart every time I hear her.” Amy Behrhorst, Physician Assistant

Always amazing and highly motivating, it’s a pleasure to be at her events.”
Becky Arndt, CCMH

“Excellent, engaging. She pulls the audience in.” Lori Peterson

“Stephanie is a wonderful, inspiring speaker and connected very well with the audience at her first event in Dubai on Wellbeing and Happiness.” Osman Khan, Road and Transport Authority, Dubai, UAE

You really learn to be a better person.” Laura Gerber, Adams Memorial Hospital

“I thought I was not going to learn anything new, it turns out that I did learn about a lot of new life-changing concepts, the teachings of which will stay with me forever.” Chitra Paliwal – University of Winnipeg

“5/5 – refreshing and very inspiring!” Wendy Guilbault, National Leasing

“An amazing/vibrant and fun/engaging Lunch Keynote! Great energy with a sense of humor and a message that both men and women could relate to in their work life and career life. You’ll love her!” Holly-Dale Monych, Project Management Conference

“Stephanie has been instrumental in the transformation of our service excellence program. She is verydynamic, engaging and makes the process fun!” Mark Paulson, CEO Chippewa County Medical Centre

“Stephanie is a one-of-a-kind motivational speaker. She has a unique talent to help us find and catalyze inner leadership from a funny and compassionate place. She had the whole room engaged the entire time- including moving around! You won’t forget how she makes you feel.” Sam Bradd, Graphic Facilitator

She makes you want to succeed.” Elana Garcia, Behaviour Health, Adam’s Memorial Hospital

“Provides a new (and excellent) way of looking at work and life!” Rhonda Brun, Lab, Adam’s Memorial Hospital

5/5!” Alfred Otto, President/CEO Dynaline

“Staff commented on how engaging and re-energized they were by your presentation. You made everyone in the room smile and laugh and gave us strategies to find our own “A” game every day!” Chris Zeller, M.A. (Lead), B.Ed., A.C.T. Manager, Education Services Radiation Therapy

A privilege to learn from her, love, love, love her!” Lori Petersen, Rehab. Minnesota

“We all went to Stephanie Staples session and it was unbelievable. Probably the best session of the conference. One of our team  was absolutely blown away. He said it changed his life. He knew he was pissy and negative and yet passionate about the patient experience and he said he absolutely transformed. It was incredible. He came back and has been a firestorm of energy and positivity and productivity and is singing the praises far and wide. He took his ‘C’ game and threw it away and brought his ‘A’ game!!! Greg Johnson Memorial Hospital

“5/5, her presentation speaks to everyone.” Kevin Baun, CULYM

Awesome ideas for work and home to improve the quality of life.” Susan Sefton, Marketing AMH

“Amazing, such light and energy, thank you for the kick!” Laine Jubinville, National Leasing

So many amazing techniques and ideas to be happier and healthier.” Delee Mckay, Swan Valley Credit Union, Account Manager

Just fantastic, amazing, motivational, inspiring!” Tera Popien, Credit Union Young Leaders of Manitoba

“Inspiring and applicable.” Rachel Penner, CUYLM

“Always full of great content and relatable stories, her passion and drive is contagious!” Jennifer Olson, Surgical Nurse

“Powerful and engaging.” Dan Campbell, CULYM

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and seeing her in action at the recent Credit Union Young Leaders of Manitoba conference. Stephanie’s topic of “Bringing your A Game” strongly resonated with the attendees and the themes she brought forward continue to be discussed throughout the following two days of the conference. In addition to being a dynamic and impactful speaker, Stephanie also continued to engage and encourage the group through the conference app. She was a perfect addition to the conference and I highly recommend her as a key component of your next event.” Julene Toews Dewis
Organizational Development & Learning Consultant

The best of the best – truly inspired by her!” Desi Anspach, Office Manager Chippewa County Hospital

“Stephanie is so positive and energetic, she is genuinely present and caring. Her presentation style makes the learning fun and entertaining. She has become a role model for me.” Gretchen Reeves – Speech Pathology

“Steph is so upbeat and positive and her stories are so inspiring. She makes me want to do better.” Tammy Berg, CCMH

“Extremely motivational!” Tim Falk, National Leasing

“5/5!” Shiva Dean, Placester VP Corporate Operations

“Stephanie was fantastic! Very motivating, energetic, fun speaker. We learned we have to change our self rather than others. A true perspective on life. Great to end our conference on a positive note!” Gale Schultz, RN BN
Regional Director, Medical Device Reprocessing, WRHA

Some Brief Testimonials from the Medical Device Reprocessing Conference

She is awesome! Should bring her again.

It was fun and educational at the same time.

I love that lady. Very funny- energy and laughter and she came to our table before she spoke. She engaged the audience and motivated.

Not enough words to say to how fantastic Stephanie presents herself. So happy I was in her presence today!

Very motivating, energetic speaker. Great to end the conference on a positive note. Please invite her back next year!!!

More than excellent! We learned we have to change our self rather than others. Good motivation. We will be happy and healthy.

Energetic, motivating.

Very energetic and fun.

Bright and spirited!

This was so inspiring – love love love it!! What a great way to end the day!
She was very entertaining, active and smart lady. Great way to end the conference.
Great motivator. A true prospective on life.

The poem wins it. Thanks. It was fun! I can learn like that!


Great presentation!!!!

So Motivating! I’ve learned a lot!


Brought more awareness on how to look at situations and hopefully improve.

I learned a lot about myself and how to improve.

Great exercise and interesting speaker. Great motivation and positive. Great way to end seminar.

Loved her energy


Fabulous motivational speaker – could have listened to her all day!! Loved her!!

LOVED IT! Nice way to end the day/weekend

Great speaker – Pleasure to listen too.


Did you read all the way to the bottom? Wow!  If you want to see the continuity to other years,  feel free to head on over to see!

If you are thinking about hiring me, just give me a call and let’s talk to see if I might be a great fit for your team/event.  I answer my own phone!  

Thanks for the best year yet!  Steph 204 227 2165


Stephanie Staples, CSP* is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, and the recipient of the Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur Award for Contributions to Community. Stephanie empowers audiences & clients across North America to bring their ‘A’ game to work and to life. Stephanie has a special interest in working with and empowering nurses and healthcare providers. You can get loads of complimentary resources to help with issues such as work/life balance, wellness, stress management and happiness in general, as well as find out more information about her coaching and speaking services at

* Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), conferred by the National Speakers Association is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform proficiency. Less than 10 percent of speakers have earned this credential and are recognized as some of the best in their fields. Stephanie was one of only five professional speakers in Canada (and the only woman) to attain this designation in 2013.

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