Isn’t it funny how at the end of every year we lament about how fast the year went? Every year it’s the same thing, yet we always seem so surprised. We are funny people.  

2016  was the busiest year ever for Your Life, Unlimited. Speaking and travel took up the bulk of my work hours, traveling from California to Florida in the US and Victoria to London in Canada – lots of air miles and road warrior stories were accrued.  Luckily I love travel and even the bad experiences are opportunities for growth and learning.

The groups ranged from Club Managers and Auto Groups to Healthcare Professionals of every type. Though their job titles differ, one thing remains constant, we all have the need to be healthier, happier and improve our relationships. We all are gathering tools to live life better and make our world a better place.

As always, it is my privilege and pleasure to share my time and expertise with you.

Here is the annual amalgamation of typical (and unedited) feedback received from my programs in 2016.


If you would like your group to have a similar experience  in 2017 please email me at and let’s create something unforgettable together!

To see the continuity of evals, you can peek at 2015 here. And if you really want to see even more great feedback, check out 2012, 2013, and 2014!

Best,  Steph.

2016 Audience feedback

“After Stephanie wowed us with her dynamic program for our leaders and I knew we had to have the whole staff hear her. With less than 24 hours’ notice we got her in front 150 frontline employees who left inspired, uplifted and with tools to implement immediately to improve the quality of their life and work. If you have the chance to experience her programs, just say yes and make it happen. I’m glad I did!” Edward Anderson CEO, Johnson Medical Centre, Arkansas

 “Stephanie’s energy, tips and ideas will inspire you to be happier and healthier!” B.Severinsen, RN

 “Outstanding quality & content.” Janelle Everett, Manager Health Info & Medical Staff Services

 “Dynamic! Enthusiastic! Real/authentic! Carrie Bonegar, Behaviour Health, Indiana

 “Excellent, informative and helpful. I wish we had more time!” Carrie Shelsted, RN

 “You enlighten the room!” Lydia Krenz, CCHM

 “Content is easily absorbed because of your style.” Brandon

“Stephanie was an awesome presenter, very animated, passionate, and inspiring. Her sense of humor was very memorable. Terrific choice for the keynote as it really set the mood for the remainder of the conference.” ASPECT Conference

“An amazing leader! She inspires me to do better and be the difference!” Lindsey Wilson, RN, Clarksville, AR

“She has so many ideas – each one better than the last.” Amy Ream, Adams Health

 “Stupendous!” Tisha Rodriguez, RN

 “An awesome learning experience.” Laura Gerber, RN

 “A tender caring heart.” John Follett, Paster Adams Memorial Hospital

 “Life changing.” Laura Gerber, Dietary

 “Informative, uplifting, very knowledgeable.” Holly Lengerich, RN

 “Entertaining, informative – everyone should go through this.” Buddy Steinman, Decator, IN

“She is an insightful, encouraging and empowering change agent with a wealth of information.”  Peggy Schumacher, Clinic Administrator CCMH

“Stephanie is gifted and has a way of humanizing people and making them think out of the box.” Bonnie Erickson, HR Manager

“Awesome! Engaging! Informative! Entertaining!” Deb Plemel, CCHM

“Stephanie is a powerful speaker and makes all workshops interactive and personal.”  Becky Amdt, Admissions

“Delightful – time flies.” Vari Nelson,  RN

“Inspirational and real.” Leah Duffy, Property Manager

“Amazing, so uplifting, empowering, engaging and refreshing. She is so real, brings clarity and makes us want to be the best leaders possible!” Leah Lehtola, HR Montevideo Hospital

“5/5! Awesome, inspiring and extremely dynamic in your presentation style.” Mark Paulson, CEO Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital

“I would like to see your positive attitude/outlook become an infectious epidemic  flu and everyone catches it.” Alice Marrast

“Absolutely excellent! High energy, very informative and kept my attention throughout the entire day!” Lindsey Wilson, RN

“One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. It got me out of the shell and showed me how amazing I can be.” Austin Mott

“Love, love, love Stephanie, great teacher with valuable personal and professional lessons.” Pamela Parker, Admission JRMC

“Her energy was as vibrant as the message she gave.” Amanda Petty

“A powerful presence of positivity.” Tina Haayer, Clinical Educator

“Unexpected & effective.” Marcy Epperson, Pharmacist

“It will change your life and make you a better person.” Candice Casey, CPT

“A consciousness raiser!” Polly Cooper, Vancouver Coastal Health

“Amazing! Truly makes you appreciate your job and the difference you make in others lives.” Alley McDonald, ER RN

“Stephanie was funny, engaging, and captivating.” ASPECT , Victoria, B.C.

“Very motivational and inspiring and she makes you want to be a better person.” Bonnie Henderson, RN

“Having Stephanie come share with our team was truly a gift! There is still a buzz and notes of thanks coming administration’s way for bringing her talents to us. I have heard many stories of how some have taken your tools to create the life they want! Thank you again, Stephanie! Marianne Wamhoff, Director of Human Resources, St. Luke’s Medical Centre

“The overall average for our conference was 4.3 out of 5. Both of your sessions rated 4.8 out of 5.”   Steven Van Alstine, CPM, CAE Vice-President, Education Canadian Payroll Association

“Ignites the crowd with practical, positive strategies!”  Cherlyn Cortes Register Nurse Educator, VCH

“You were the BOMB!” Margo Simoni, RPN

“Enriching on many levels. I learned while I was being entertained.” Dayna Anderson, Admissions CCMH

“Stephanie knows how to engage the group and in 8 hours took a group of nervous employees and transformed our thoughts! I am inspired!” Annie Harper, Montevideo Hospital

“You could have been standing in front of a three ring circus and all eyes and ears still would have been on you! It was a great day!” Erin Phelps Heart of America Health Centre

“Today you provided news insight, inspiration and different methods to try for self-improvement. I have been struggling my whole life. Thank you.” anonymous

“She gave me a better shot of energy than my Starbucks Espresso.” Diane Okahori, Vancouver Coastal Health

“High quality – fun, entertaining, real, motivating & creative!!” Lori Martinson, VP of Patient Care Presentation Medical Centre

“Expect the unexpected!” Stanley Shelver, Director of Nursing Surgery, Trinity Health

“Stephanie will draw you in and you will be part of the experience. Count on it!” Karim Simisky, Patient Co-ordinator Trinity Health

“Dynamic, real, fun, engaging, worthwhile, value add!” Karen Zimmerman, CNO;VP Trinity Health

“Thank you for an AMAZING 2 days. You inspired all of us more than you know!” Leah Lehtola, I Program Development Leader, Chippewa County Hospital

“She challenged me to be a better leader & person.”  Shay Morgan Johnson Medical Centre

“A blast to listen to.” Clint R. Radiology

“The best speaker I have seen, provides an interesting and engaging learning environment and information that is easy to use.” Lyndsey Harrington First Care Health Centre

“Excellent, her passion is contagious and it gets you pumped up to go back and be an advocate for the patients!” Charlene Gannarelli, RN, Heart of America Medical Centre

“Stephanie is amazing! Her presentation is a game-changer!” Molly Nelson, Sakakawea Medical Centre

“Her ideas will impact and change my life.” Michelle Connell, Lions Gate Hospital, Emergency Nurse

“Excellent speaker. Presented the information in an easy to understand way that was both interesting and fun. A lot of beneficial information to think about and apply.” Laura Johnson, DON,  Kenmore Hospital

“This information will be life changing both at work and in my home life.” Michelle Bronwer, RN

“This helped me look within myself and want to be a better me.” Jody Ward, Sr. Project Co-ordinator Centre for Rural Health

“An engaging, inspirational speaker presenting valuable information in an interactive  & understandable manner.”  Lindsey Menlhoff, Director of Patient Care Service  CCMH

“Empowering and thought provoking content.” Debra Burwick  RN

“Inspirational, wise and positive.” Amanda Neudorf, RN

“An inspirational advocate for healthcare providers.” Connie Wong, RN, BC

”Great presence & really engages all the attendees!” Sandy Boshee,  DON Acute Care Trinity Health

“Interactive & informative – 5/5!” Destiny Chapman, ER Co-ordinator Sakawea Medical Center

“Loved how engaged we were.” Brenda Fosyth, Association of Manitoban Municipalities

“Stephanie delivers a heartfelt, meaningful message for people to improve themselves.  We are working on changing our culture and she reminded us of what we get to do every day, rather than what we have to do.  We were fortunate to have her kick off our change process, with her inspirational and heartfelt presentation!”  Mark Paulson CEO Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital

“Epic.” Kylah Sapro, RN

“As part of the lawyers you were with yesterday, I want to say THANK YOU for an amazing afternoon! We continued your discussions for a couple of hours after you left.” Joan Anderson

“You really do take people over the edge of their comfort zones – rather effortlessly.” Ervin Bartha

“You inspired our community!” Susan Sefton Adams Memorial Hospital

“Her program uses both emotion & metacognition to help people take ownership of the quality of their lives.” Christina Choung, VCH Regional Educator2

“Great, life-changing concepts.”  Bill Mukluk Edmonton Police Services

“Enlightening, passion-filled perspective shift.” Yves Gobiel DIM Finacial

“Captivating, motivating& instills a desire to embrace positive change.” Kristi Gerevas, Clinical Resource Therapist

“Stephanie’s talk was filled with golden nuggets you can actually take action on!” Aaron Biblow Trend Lab Marketing

“What a fabulous day of CONNECTION & UPRISING!!! She is an outstanding Life Coach & Motivational Speaker. If you ever get a chance to attend one of her seminars, GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP!!!! You will thank yourself later!!!! Thanks again Steph!!!! You are a gift to this world – VERY EMPOWERING!!!!” Char Downy Jr. University of Winnipeg

“Stephanie has energy, enthusiasm, attitude and I loved her concepts!” Cathy Brouwer, CCMC

“Absolutely amazing – a 10 on the 1/5 scale!” Crystal Schmitt – Chippewa Hospital

“90 minutes wasn’t long enough, so uplifting I want more!” Sue Winters, Montevideo, MN.

“Steph has a humorous, knowledgable way of teaching how to put life’s values in a proper perspective.” Gail Smolley

”Energizing optimism to change for the better!” Kara Heitland

“Uplifting and eye-opening.” Linsey Kortgard

“Stephanie has awesome ideas and is down to earth & relatable and best of all interesting!” Samantha Paulson

”I believed her!” Cindy Jurhenson

“Very engaging! So refreshing to gain skills to look at things differently.” Rachelle Olson, CCMH

“Very interactive with easy to use solutions.”  Tara Cowan, AMM

“Inspirational Everything you share was relevant.” Nicole Marten, RN Critical Care Research Coordinator

“She not only teaches you how to be a better person, but makes you want to be a better person.” Trisha Tesler, Radiologist

“Thanks for opening my eyes and heart to change.” Beth Hitchcock Adams Memorial Hospital

“A high energy, thought-provoking program that I would highly recommend.” Michelle Halls AMM

“Very inspiring, makes me want to be a better person.” Locket Hamrick Decatur, IN.

“A positive, upbeat, dynamic speaker who can make an event feel like a conversation.” Jeff McConnell

“Outstanding!” Jodie Wilson, Councillor, Snow Lake

“Lots of food for thought, lively and contagious!” Lindsey Wilson,  JRMC

“Very inspirational speaker with a lot of valuable information for all.” Martha Castaneda, Dimmit Regional Hospital

“Top notch – engaging and fun to a tough group!” SN – Community Outreach

“High quality!” Theresa Bradmiller, RN, MSM – CNO, AMH

“Awesome content that you can use not only in work, but in home life too.” Rachel Kneckeberg, RN

“Engaging and funny!” Erin Alexander

“Stephanie is dynamic and engaging.” Tom Williams, The Club at Ibis, Florida

“Stephanie is easy to listen to, informative, funny and gets everyone engaged.” Darlene Burke, CFO, CCMH

“Beneficial on many levels!” Lyndsey Kohler, Tequesta Country Club

“5/5 – very informative and helpful.” Reagan Gorender,  St. Andrews Country Club

“The program is an eye-opener.” Pavel Cosa, Mizner Country Club

“Outstanding & inspiring!” Ari Aujoy, FLCMAA

“Inspirational, thought-provoking and fun!” Farrah – Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

”Inspiring! Gets you excited about promoting change for the better of the patient and facility.” Homecare Nurse, Minnesota

“This was excellent, all tips and ideas are implementable. Everyone should attend. All relationships would be better and the world would be kinder!”  University of Winnipeg

“Helpful not only for your work life but for your personal life as well. It triggers you to think.” A.M.

“Ideas, ideas, ideas, self-awareness and action plans! So valuable!” Cindy Correa, L & D RN,

“Stephanie knows what to teach, how to teach and how to draw us out of our comfort zone. She gave us the means to create action plans and to keep the whole event fun and meaningful.”  Jim Buckner CEO  Dimmit Regional Hospital

“Energizing, knowledgeable and very approachable.” Vicki Acre, Nursing Stanton County Hospital.

“Stellar!” Vari Nelson, Peri-Op, MMCH

“Your extremely uplifting and well-presented “Your Life Unlimited” seminar for the Club Manager Association of America was instantly life-changing.  You motivated several hundred top leaders in South Florida’s Club communities to take action and we feel the effect of transformation already.”   Mitchell Berkman  Porto Vita’s Villa Grande Club

“Gave good ideas that we can apply right away.”  Justin Ingram, Winter Park Country Club

“Inspiring and excellent ideas!” Back Amdit, Admission Clerk, CCMH

“Extremely motivational and life changing.” Scott Scamehorn, Mountain Lake

“Great interactive session!” Jeff Hartigan, The Oaks Club

“Excellent and memorable.” Dr. Christina Anderson, Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital

“Helped me collect my thoughts and priorities.” Heritage Oaks Country Club

“Stephanie involved the whole group in a learning environment.” Joe Angelo, Heritage Oaks

“Helpful, positive and applicable.” Todd Steward, Heritage Oaks Country Club

“Extremely valuable.” Jeremy Heim, IT, CCMH

“Cuts through the clutter to what’s truly worth focusing on.” Jon Flurry, Med Tech.

“Stephanie leaves me feeling motivated, empowered and driven to be the best me I can be all the time at work & home!” Leah Letola, PD

“Look out! Steph is engaging and explains topics in a way that is easy to understand.” Jon Jeme, Radiology

“So many valuable tidbits-I love her style and ability to create so many ah-ha moments without ‘preaching.’  Lori Peterson, Rehab


 LUCKY ME, to have such great audiences! 

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