This year started with presenting in a rural Texas hospital and ended 12 months later presenting in a major metropolis for an insurance giant and saw about 65 programs delivered all over North America in between.

Whew, good thing my job energizes me! I am so blessed to be able to share the message of living Your Life, Unlimited!

From coast to coast, no matter where my business travels take me, no matter what people do for a living, or what initials they have (or don’t have) after their name, the wants, needs and expectations of people seem to be the same.

We all want to have hope, to feel valued, empowered and inspired. We all want laugh more and love larger. And we all know that we learn better when we re having fun. And we did have fun in 2015.

As much as my audiences learn from me, I get back from them the energy, inspiration and belief in the power of my message to pack my suitcase for another year of helping people bring their “A” game to work & life.

Here are some typical comments (unedited) from a sampling of this years audience members, call me if you would like similar responses for the next event you are planning, I will work closely with you to ensure more great results!

And… just so you know it wasn’t just a lucky year, here are reviews for 2014, 2013 & 2012.  

2015 Audience feedback

“Entertaining, thought-provoking & engaging. I had fun and learned a lot! Shahzad Musaddiq, Great West Life

“Flawless. All preconceived notions were put to rest in the first 5 minutes. She is fun, engaging, intelligent and makes everyone comfortable.” Maggie Brooks X-Ray Tech.

“I feel like if casinos pump oxygen into the rooms to make people feel better – you pump “happy” in!”  Pat Hirst

“5/5! Not only interesting, but entertaining and great advice!” Julie Bell, Occupational Therapist

“Her positive energy fills the room!” Ian Donnelly, Mb. Education

“World class! Any facility will do well to invest in her.” John Hart CEO, Fredonia Regional Hospital

“Stephanie’s vitality and love of life is infectious!”  Donna Nordstom, MPI

“This is the presentation for management accountability I have attended. There are real tools that I will use.” John Hart CEO Fredonia Regional Hospital

“Thanks so much for all your inspiration and wisdom this year.  You have truly made a mark on the direction of my life and I am most excited!  Tracey Lee Thibidoux, IQmetrix

“Awesome and super hilarious, she had my full attention the whole time!”  Tara Mccommon, HEB Manitoba

“Steph’s an excellent speaker-she cultivates enthusiasm & energy!” Carolda Edwards, RN manager, Kansas

“You’re like the fairy godmother who pops by and playfully pushes you off the edge!”  Trish Reiss, Payroll Specialist, Kramer Ltd

“Fantastic ideas, Stephanie! You’ve inspired me immensely and your energy is phenomenal.” Trina Gulay Diagnostic Imaging Manager, Grace Hospital

“This was amazing and life changing – I honestly feel like this was the best money I have ever spent.” Syndey Jade, MB. Realtors Association

“Inspirational & realistic. Puts life into perspective.” Rebecca Wong, RN, Amica Lifestyles

“On a scale of 1-5, this was a 6!” Marlene Dixon, RN

“An energetic speaker who will make my life happier and healthier!” Kristel Coldwell, Realtor

“Stephanie is realistic and provides specific strategies to be happy and healthy.” Carole Bilyk Advanced Learning Coordinator

“Fantastic! Energetic, informative and interactive.” Heidi Kazierczak

“She is fun, creative and amazing!” Susan John, Community Relations, FRH

“She created a safe, interactive environment that encouraged sharing.” Kim Newton University of Winnipeg

“Riveting and fun speaker!” Gayle Mager, Admin.

“Program is practical and easy to implement.” Marjorie Poor, Editor

“Inspiring and eye-opening!” Samatha Okoko University of Winnipeg

“Very inspirational, best seminar I’ve been to!” Erin Moorley

“Stephanie’s presentation is the most inspiring and motivating presentation I’ve ever attended”  Samatha Simon-Verrier, DL Seeds

“Enlightening, thought-provoking, genuine.” Shelly Vedres

“An interactive session that was full of positive energy and delivered much learning!” Albina Rasulova

“Stephanie facilitates engagement and models empowerment. The glow of her session is still with me”  Phil Chiappetta, Co-Executive Director Rossbrook House Inc.

“Very engaging and valuable for today’s world.” Ann Perez-Liwag

“Stephanie is awesome!  I love how she makes me see the world from a different perspective!”  Harry Logan, Re/Max

“Stephanie delivered a home run for our event with very little notice. She was well organized, funny and managed to customize her keynote as if she had months worth of notice instead of days. While we were initially panicking when one of our speakers stepped out at the last minute, we knew that once Stephanie stepped in, we had nothing to worry about. A true professional, a talented speaker and a joy to listen to. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Stephanie for your event as she was excellent.” Rhonda Scarf, CAPS Convention Co-Chair  

“You are a real inspiration to listen to!” Lorrie Podalski, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba

“Stephanie was able to easily integrate into the group and facilitate very challenging discussions. She assisted us in bringing the real issues to the surface and finding solutions.” Debbie Bruner, CEO Minneola District Hospital

“Very insightful and useful. The tools she gave us to use are great!” Lindsey Gartner, Northwest Regional College

“Stephanie is a top quality speaker with amazing content that can change your perspective on problems, communication and awareness.  Marion Zirger, CFO

“Amazing, powerful and meaningful.” Amanda Lang, RN

“What a fun way to learn things that are vital to our wellbeing.” Bonnie Lassley, ES

“Stephanie has a very engaging way of speaking, teaching and personalizing the content to make it enjoyable.” Jenn Persinger, RN

“She was practical, hilarious and thought provoking.” Cheryl Bazin, LRSD teacher

“Uplifting, energizing and places perspective on “how” we can make a change for the better.” Jackie Parsons

“Thank you for the awesome and productive day we had. I enjoyed every minute of it.” Charu Gutpa, President of Manitoba School Counsellors’ Association

“Captivating!” Anna Samatchai, Northwest Regional College

“Stephanie provides a meaningful, organized, well-paced, purposeful presentation.” Jance Wautier, Educator Student Services, LRSD

“Excellent! Very thoughtful with words, insightful and brought humour & a human connection to content.” Kellene Millman, RN,BSN, Kansas

“Motivating and realistic ideas to implement in my life.” Jen St. Laurent Director Data Transport

“She gave a totally insightful talk, totally personalized to our audience. We were riveted by her stories and loved the tribute she wrote for us. She was right on the money and left us feeling totally energized.” TJ Johnson, Program Manager, Conferences at International Legal Technology Association

“Awesome and inspiring!” Sonya Power, Charge Lab. Technologist

“Fun, inspiring and thought provoking!” Penny Hechter, MITT Admission

“Stephanie is a breath of fresh air.” Vanessa Kirtin, Great West Life

“Stephanie is amazing! From a presentation standpoint, she absolutely rocks and takes extra time to customize the message and know her audience. From a business standpoint, she is a pleasure to work with! Flexible, fun, and sensible. No “high-maintenance radar” went off the entire time.”  Sheila Molloy, Executive Director Mb. Massage Therapy Association

“Positive, beneficial guideline to change.” Jesse Mutchjon  DL Seeds

“Informative & helpful!” Amy Harvey, RN

“Positive, encouraging and full of realistic ideas that make my goals attainable.” Lisa Reynolds, RN – Chicago, Illinois

“Stephanie’s humorous, realistic, and relatable approach leaves you with a positive feeling about yourself and the world around you as well as a new mindset to move forward with achieving a healthier and happier you. She was able to connect with a diverse group of professionals at the Manitoba Congress for Medical Laboratory Sciences, and started the conference with a great keynote that emphasized the “Be the Change” theme. Thanks again Stephanie for a wonderful experience.  Michele Sykes, Instructor Red River College

“Personalized and specific goals to help me achieve my goals!” Michelle Grandados, Cadence Healthcare RN

“She is an energetic problem solver that can help you enrich your life and get to where you want to be.” Samantha Schoenfleder, Northwestern Medicine

“Stephanie’s message is what everyone needs to hear!”Lindsey Mazur, Dietician

“So interesting to listen to and action packed!” Maris Lamm, Seven Oaks General Hospital

“A passionate, positive, motivating and engaging speaker (and funny!).” Val Broeska, Immigrant Centre Manager

“A positive, dynamic, engaging motivational speaker!” Stacie Buchanan, Interlake Regional Health Authority

“The most inspiring and motivating presentation l’ve ever attended.” Samantha Simon-Verrier , DL Seeds

“Come in with an open mind and it can change your life. She is simply awesome.” Shawn Bennet EMT, KS

“Thought-provoking, encouraging and engaging speaker.” Phyllis Doyle, University of Winnipeg

“Thank you so much for your wonderful talks.   Many wonderful words to live by.  I would recommend you to anyone! Joanna Robb, MAMLS conference chair.

“Stephanie is one of the most engaging and motivational speakers I have ever experienced.” Marlene Rebizant, Red Rive College

“Very positive, straightforward strategies for a better, happier, life” April Baker, Lab Tech

“Fun, interesting and gets you thinking.” Sherry Lussier, Diagnostic Services

“Informative session by a knowledgable speaker.” Bo Hu, MITT Financial Assistant

“It was a very fun and interactive learning experience!” Roxanna Betlej, Conference Planner, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Thanks to my fabulous audience members from coast to coast and to the meeting planners that believed in my message of hope, resilience and empowerment. It is a true honor to share with you. I love my ‘job’!  Steph 


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