Okay I know that I can bring fun, value and important solutions that your people will remember (and use) long after the presentation is over, but don’t take it from me – take it from the hundreds of people/organizations I have worked with in 2014.

The following is a sampling of (unedited) typical audience feedback after my programs:

“Stephanie has a special gift to captivate her audience and keeping the momentum upbeat. She is a delightful and compassionate lady who knows how to entertain her audience and yet keep you in AWE!! Her speaking engagement for Celebrating Caregivers event was delightful. The room was full of caregivers who found her to be entertaining and enlightening.”  Susana Scott, President Brematson & Associates Inc.

“A natural entertainer.” Ronald Aminot, Concordia Hospital

“You were amazing, it honestly felt like we were driving our own learning!!” Kristin Prendergast, Northwest Territories Corrections

“Practical, doable and entirely encouraging.” Louise Duncan, teacher

“Exuberant and vibrant presentation!” Deacon Victor Humniski

“Informative, entertaining and inspiring – an excellent presentation.” Joanne Tanchuck, Concordida Hospital

“You rocked my soul.” Pedro Gregorio Concordia Hospital

“Stephanie met our needs and superseded our expectations. She made us aware of intimate details in the behind-the-scenes planning stages of our event, and had the fortitude to see them through to the finish. We will thrilled with her warmth, exuberance, humour and down to earth approach and expressions at the event. She was able to work around technical issues with the sound system in a way that the audience was unaware of the difficulties we were experiencing. At the event, she was smooth and prepared yet rolled with much impromptu experiences. She is a professional presenter that will ‘wow’ you with whatever task you give her.”  Katherine Peter, CEO Comforts of Home-Care

“Thank you for your efforts in helping to grow Manitoba’s economy and in becoming a role model for future women entrepreneurs. Congratulations, you have a place among Manitoba’s successful business leaders” Teresa Oswald, Minister of Jobs and the Economy

“We all love you and your programs. I love Sunday mornings on the radio with you too.” Susan Loeppky

“Your knowledge of putting a show together proved invaluable to us, as was your willingness to use your contacts for our benefit. We also truly appreciated your skills as our emcee.  Your wit and warmth pulled us through some tricky situations.” Donna Tyler, Caregiver Recognition Event

“Inspiring, thought provoking, challenging, creative and emotionally moving.” Jake Harms  Concordia Hospital

“May I say that was one of the best events I’ve been to. A truly blissful night of entertainment & motivation. Thanks again Stephanie, I came away with a real high!”  Jon Martin, IT Prophet Business Group

“Stephanie injected enthusiasm into the crowd with her words and stories.  It was like she had an inspiration wand!” Maureena Hoffman, Momentum Group

“She filled the room with positive energy!” Ugonna Chigbo  Concordia Hospital

“Thank you Stephanie. You have changed the way I think about life.” Kelly Watt, Saskatchewan

“Stephanie’s presentation was a wonderful, uplifting experience for all!  Kelly Kluger, Hospital and Palliative Care Manitoba – Volunteer and Education Services Coordinator

“We had the pleasure of having Stephanie speak at the Manitoba Reading Association’s AGM. Listeners buy-in to Stephanie’s words, rather than bypass them, because not only is she right, she’s real.”  Kimberely Siwak, Mb. Reading Association

“Stephanie is full of life and has a contagious can-do attitude.”  Elisabeth Kehler, HPCM

“A  high energy, motivating presentation with useful, easy-to-remember, take-home tips.”

“Dynamic and full of positive energy, contagious enthusiasm!” Marianne Niesink,

“Stephanie is fun, energetic and was able to keep a large group entertained while giving a very informative presentation. Wow!” Audrey Weiss

“She has a positive, non-threatening approach and a memorable message.” Andrea Firth, Hospital and Palliative Care Manitoba

“She inspires ‘good.’” Shelley Trapp-Armstrong

“Stephanie is inspiring, empowering, motivating and ‘the real deal’!” Leslie MacGillivray, Principle, Harrow School

“Excellent content & delivery!” Kandace Willis, Texas hospital

“A positive and motivational message with great ideas to take away.” Laura Ateah, educator

“Mesmerizing – she is an exceptional speaker.” Judy McLeod

“Stephanie is a dynamic, funny and inspirational speaker whose message should be heard by everyone.” Michelle Hryshko

“She is a dynamic, interesting and inspiring speaker.” Michelle Price

“Extremely inspiring and helpful in a realistic, tangible way.” Paula Ginzburg

“This session was inspiring, down to earth and practical. I took tonnes of notes and now I can’t wait to try this out!” Gail Archer-Heese

“Dynamic is relevant information that can be incorporated into my life right away.” Catherine Amann

“She is vivacious, entertaining & realistic presenting goals that are achievable, measurable and desirable! Thanks for teaching me that change needs to begin with me.” Laurie Payne, Health Sciences Center

“Thought provoking and so helpful.” Lori Duncan, SAFE Healthcare Conference

“Simply amazing!” Kelly Elliot

“Everyone was absolutely riveted by Stephanie’s energy, approachability, and credibility. Many are still talking about it to this day! Stephanie inspired the group to action, and rekindled the fire in many of us to continue our personal and professional development. I would highly recommend Stephanie to help propel yourself or your team to the next level!”  Captain Rhea MacKay, WestJet

“Stephanie led a dynamic and engaging session for more than 200 beginning teachers. The session was invigorating, useful, exciting and engaging as she shared strategies for Work-Life Balance in the 21st century. She is an outstanding presenter!” Claire Laughlin, OECTA

“Well done! A very good message and very entertaining as well.”  Guy Beatty, Canadian Society of Club Managers

“Awesome and inspirational.” Sean Bailey, CSCM

“I attended one of your programs, I found it very helpful and years later still continue to use the strategies that you provided!”  Pam Achtemichuk

“Stephanie energetic and attentive style commands attentions & involvement from the audience!” Darla Davies, Claims Association

“Very motivational, engaging and made me want to change.” Chantal Dupuis, Great West Life

“Her energy is infectious and her ideas truly re-shaped how I look at myself!” Marie Kimberly Ordonez, CIP, ACS Associate Business Analyst

“High energy, informative and fun!”  Donna-Lee Kimball Reihl, Claims Association

“I would like to coin the word “Stephanism” as a term used for substituting an otherwise potentially dull and boring meeting for burst of unexpected humour and inspiration which makes the meeting ultimately more enjoyable!” Katherine Peters, CEO of Comforts of Homecare

“An amazing teacher who helps her audiences reach their goals one step at a time.”  M. P.

“Thank you for the most inspirational seminar.You presented a variety of high energy, thought provoking ideas that I am confident that I will put to use in my life. Sandy Katyrynuik, BSLC Administrator

“A wealth of information to help me work out the issues that I have with myself, with work and the people that I come in contact with every day.” Daravane Phrakonekham, Payroll Admin.

“Very motivating and a lot of useful information that can be used in day to day life!” Rocky Dizon, Broadband Communications

“Stephanie delivers a simple, useful message with humor for the everyday person!” Tara Ruest, Manitoba Hydro

“So engaging, relatable and humorous. I appreciate your insights!” Roberta Smith, Mb. Hydro

“Stephanie is a winner at winning the crowd over with her fun, positive attitude and great ideas.” Lisa Gannon, Manitoba Hydro

“Passionate, informative and energetic.” Neal Pawlyshyn, St. Boniface General Hospital

“It was very engaging and motivational. It makes me want to make changes in both my professional and personal life.” Carolyn Berard, Victoria General Hospital, Diagnostic Imaging

“Brilliant reminder of self-awareness in action.” Terese Santos, RN

“An inspiring, relevant and fun program with informations I can put into use today!” Keith McDonald, Operations Manager MRI, U/S, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry at St. Boniface Hospital

“It was truly an experience I won’t soon forget. You’re truly an inspiration to many. The passion you have for life sparkles of positivity, and it was an honour to learn from you.” Trina Gulay, Senior MRI Technologist at Hôpital St-Boniface Hospital

“Stephanie makes you stop and listen to your life.” Kathleen Abraham, Health Sciences Centre

“Eye opening!” Greg Borduc, CT Scanning Supervisor, Health Sciences Center

“Thank you for the awesome and productive day we had.  It was 6 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it!”  Charu Gutpa, Chair of the MSCA

“She made me want to do better!” Carla Budnick, Martensville

“High energy and relevant to today’s working payroll professional.” Marian Voth, SIGA

“The presentation was uplifting, emotionally inspiring.” Tracy Chanas, Community Services

“It makes you think what you can do, instead of what you can’t.” Diane Zarowski Community Services

“So enthusiastic it’s contagious, she makes me want to make great changes by the examples she used and the impact from them.” Denise Fetterly, Gov. of Mb.

“Very inspirational, great ideas to practice.” Rick Bakey Algonquin College.

“Great content and presentation style!” Ian Anderson Shaughnessy Golf and Country club

“Very motivational and fun.” Garett Wright Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

“Practical, useful and easy to listen to.” CSCM member

“Your presentation was one of best presentations I have seen and it impacted me in such a positive way. Your presentation made me reflect and find answers to my problems or stresses. Your story is very touching and wonderful.”  Lindsay Mongeon, OETCA

“We were thrilled to have you as the keynote speaker for our conference day 2. You targeted the team and provided them with a lot of food for thought. You were funny and energetic and absolutely perfect, exactly what I was looking for to round out the theme. We all learned something about ourselves. Thank you very much!”  Maryanne Higginson, RN  National Director of Care – Amica

“I hired Stephanie to speak at my group retreat. I had 20 staff from various levels and she made her story of personal development and growth relatable and fun. She used creative ways to get us moving during her presentation to help drive her points home. It made for a thoughtful, insightful, empowering, fun and productive day. Her “A Game” model is great and easy to remember. Stephanie is a pro and a delight.”  Michel Boucher, Vice-President of Human Resources & Quality Systems –  Royal Canadian Mint

“Educational and entertaining.” Leo Nicolas, Royal Canadian Mint

“Very dynamic and practical. It really made us think about what’s important.” Julie Sylvestre, HR Senior Director Royal Canadian Mint

“Totally engaging, vibrant and knowledgable.”  Roy Y. Royal Canadian Mint

“Inspirational not only for work but for home life and relationships.” Mghan Johnson, Royal Canadian Mint

“Inspirational and thought provoking.” Ian Moffat, Royal Canadian Mint

“A fun and energetic approach to change.” Kathleen Abraham

“A breath of fresh air!” Jade Yakel

“Energetic, creative and inspiring facilitator.” Tim Young, Worker’s Compensation Board

“You are a skilled coached and asked excellent questions. We appreciated your great sense of humour, your stories and all the knowledge you shared with us.” Kathleen Mico, Next Step Program Coordinator

“Stephanie is dynamic, creative and enthusiastic. She’ll make you want to ‘lean in’ to reach your potential.” B.Grieve, educator

“She is positive, creative and engaging and can bring a group together very well.” Cheryl Gesell, WCB

“Her humorous style was fun and made a difficult topic enjoyable.” Helena Dangerfield, Worker’s Compensation Board

“Stephanie is extremely vibrant and energetic – I felt very motivated and positive about my life when I left.” Nikki Dean

“You really gave an amazing presentation and you bring a wonderful energy, keep people interested and engaged throughout. You also provided some of the most useful, attainable tips of the conference.” Robyn Erlenmayer, Policy Analyst, Family Services –  Safe Healthcare Conference

“The “Bring Your A Game to Work and Life” seminar was, to say the least, exhilarating and energizing.”  Deb MacDonald, Clinical Resource Nurse, NICU

“Thought provoking and encouraging, thank you so much.” Cindy Thiesson, teacher

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Stephanie Staples programs…an awesome experience”  Diane Miterek, Manitoba Public Insurance Company

“You are amazing!” Jenn Cullen, Director Wawanesa Wee Care Inc

“Vibrant, fun and engaging – the morning just buzzed by!” J. W. Worker’s Compensation Board

“I left Stephanie’s program feeling completely inspired, energized and impacted to make a difference in my work and my life. A year later, the positive effect are still resonating!”  Korin Uhryn, Regina Health Authority

“This past year, I participated in two of Stephanie’s “Love Everywhere” workshops.  I loved the rejuvenation and inspiration that I got from the first one so much that I had to do it again! !  Thanks to Stephanie and her workshop for helping me find my passion for veterinary medicine again.”  Dr. Amanda Malboeuf,  Winrose Animal Hospital

“Thanks for opening up my eyes.” Britt Arvidson, Customer Relations Officer in Manitoba Public Insurance

“She is engaging, passionate, and very inspiring. She asks wonderfully engaging questions, has a great ability to encourage audience participation and has the entire group joining together in something fun! In her own speeches, she brings a perfect mix of inspiring personal details and motivational speaking skills together for very moving, touching, and memorable stories.  I highly recommend hearing Stephanie!” Ben Rogers, Assiniboine Credit Union

“You really motivated our team! Thank you!” Andrew Firth, Arrow Farmquip

“Practical ideas you can apply immediately.” – Erin Zurbyk, MTS

“She is rejuvenating and put a smile on our faces.” – Chris Marchand

“Most thought provoking and motivational.” – Sylvia Josse

“Enthusiastic, entertaining and helpful.” – Wendy Fontaine

“Amazing.” – Janice McMillan

“Stephanie provides a really motivated presentation that makes it feel easy to move towards a more positive life.” – Angie Nelson

“Allowed me to see possibilities, to stop making excuses.” – Jodie Ponton

“Motivating, simple easy to do, down to earth approach to a happy and healthy life.”  Shelley Hammett

“Simple and meaningful.” – Michelle Vermette, MTS

“You are an amazing speaker who made a huge difference.  As you were talking, I was looking at my colleagues and every single one of them were engaged. You did something to them, something hit home. I think you helped an entire institute!”  Jamie Gray, Bowden Correctional Institute

“I feel fantastic about the session. You were dynamite. Stephanie’s ‘A’ game principles are rooted in fantastic ideas and are very practical. She has extensive experience, personal stories and her own recipe for living your life with passion, purpose, and fun. Anyone who observes Stephanie can apply the knowledge and the skills in their lives for positive results. Stephanie is a team motivator and encourages you to think about something in a different way. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to your organization.” Sharon Golin – Event Co-ordinator MTS

“Engaging, insightful and able to see what the audience needs.” Maria Jonker, RN

“Motivating!! Inspiring!! It’s so easy to listen to you, it was an awesome workshop, thank you!!” Michelle Ramos, 7 Oaks Hospital

“Steph’s style is warm & friendly. It’s like listening/talking to your friend. And it’s fun!” Karen VanDerkerkhove, BN

“Very impressed, she inspired change.” Rhett Whitely, Manager Diagnostic Imaging, SOGH

“Entertaining, engaging, uplifting!” Craig Hillier, RRT, Regional Manager WRHA Respiratory Therapy – Acute Care

“Uplifting, quirky, energetic with a fun, unique approach to life. 5/5!” Dr. Carolyn Eichkorn

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Stephanie Staples many times before, it’s life altering.” Dawn Christenson, RN

“You are a tremendous lady and an inspirational leader. You and your presentation added value to our departments. Thanks tons!” Scott Puttee – Canada Corrections Agency

“You had me at ‘hello’ and you now have my respect and my heart with your gregarious and warm human-ness.” Carol Barbeau

“Stephanie is a breath of bubbly fresh air – her energy is amazing! . She puts you at ease from the moment you enter the room.” Tammy Karatchuk, Journalist

“Just enough ‘quirky’ to keep it fun!” Dr. Cara Torovell

“Motivational and interesting, I could listen all day long.” Charlene Hancox

“Fabulous!”  Shannon Rankin, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine

“I try to make all of Stephanie’s sessions – she is so powerful and encouraging! Really makes you believe and feel that anything is possible.”  Denise McManigal, Holton Community Hospital

“Excellent -energizing. Would love to her as a Life Coach!”  Dede DeVeny, Box Butte General Hospital

“Uplifting – motivational – inspiring and moving! Beautiful!” Janet Peters, Middle Park Medical Center

“Awesome session! Best speaker so far very enthusiastic.” Brandon Taylor, Johnson City Medical Center

“I thought this was awesome!” Manuel Villanneva, Reeves County Hospital

“Stephanie is just incredibly infectious, thank you!”  Sam Turbyfill, JCMC Mountain States Health Alliance

“Very entertaining speaker.”  Peter Thompson, San Luis Valley Health

“Thanks. I liked all the tips you’ve left. Very positive and inspirational. Great job!” Deseree Samora, Rio Grande Hospital Clinic

“Exciting; set goals. No more excuses for not accomplishing them. Pick one thing and go on… Great motivational speaker.”  – Anonymous

“Loved it and her energy! Convinced me that the business idea I had tabled when we decide to Service Excellence should still be pursed now. I feel the passion returning.”  Julian Lindgren, Carrington Health Center

“Great –very clear – uplifting. Thank you.” Richelle Jomha, Meridian Medical

“Loved the energy she had and her ideas.” Josh Rich, Daybreak Venture

“Enjoyed your energy and passion about improving, whether life or work. Putting a pen and paper to it does make people be more accountable.” Andra Allen, Citizens Medical Center

“Excellent as always with Stephanie!” Whitney Boose, Rio Grande Hospital

“I love you (not in a weird way). Always uplifting!”  DeeAnn Sierra, Rio Grande Hospital & Clinics

“Really leaves you thinking about what to do and how to do it.”  Guadaupe Buento, CentroMed

“Very inspirational and motivational.”  Catherine McGlori, CentroMed

“Truly a motivational speaker. This is the 3rd time I have heard her. Always good and inspiring. Also have her book “Enlightening Strikes”. I have shared it with others.”  Cindy Ford, Harrisburg Medical Center

“Stephanie is very motivational and has a lot of wonderful information to share.” Courtney Drone, Harrisburg Medical Center

“Insightful and spot on.” Anthony Sanchez, CentroMed

“Awesome speaker loved the no slides. All talk. Best idea for me was the top5 –bottom 5.”  Season Brown, Holton Community Hospital

“Her unique approach to the subject of wellness has been embraced by a myriad of clients and individuals. She takes on all projects with passion and is masterful at building relationships that enable others to succeed.” Michelle Ray

“Excellent, information is very useful.” Lydia pronyk, Seven Oaks General Hospital

“Uplifting, positive and funny!” Annabelle McMillan

“Lots of practical information & useful advice.” Helena Kot

“Awesome, hilarious, contagious, motivating.” Samantha Ward

“Super-fun & energetic with eye-opening and great advice.” Kristi Rudolph

“Lively, uplifting, realistic and fabulous!” Vanessa Rae Neufeld

“You are a skilled moderator. Great comments and questions.” PJ Wade.

“Stephanie Staples’ energy, dynamism and engaging sense of humour ensured our day-long meeting remained upbeat and engaging. Stephanie kept us on time and on target. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator for your next meeting.” Eric Mang  Eric Mang, Director,  Health Policy and Government Relations, The College of Family Physicians of Canada

“Wow – love, love, loved it!” Krista-Lyn Tracy

“Exciting, informative and inspiring!” Sara Herrebout

“An excellent opportunity to learn strategies to help yourself!” Jean Selkirk, TOPS

“Very enlightening and very funny.” Sandra Andrew

“Entertaining, dynamite, real, energizing, sincere and 100% believable.” Carol Barbeau

“Funny, genuine and relatable.” Amanda Robertson

“Awesome, funny and PERFECT!” Tracy Pliszka

“Very encouraging and enlightening.” Marlene Schwartz

“Inspirational!” Kim Houl

“Wonderful presentation and very informative!” B. Badiuk , TOPS

“Great, funny, informative and engaging speaker.” Kara Koss

“This inspires me to try harder to be positive.” Candace deLaroque, Vet Tech

“Stephanie is a competent, professional and passionate consultant that we were fortunate enough to be engaged with to assist and guide us in changing the culture of our healthcare campus to be more acutely focused on Customer Service Excellence and quality care and services. Her personality and skill set, was and is a large part of our organizational success progressively moving forward and changing that culture in a positive and productive manner.  It is her straight forward, honest yet caring and compassionate approach to teaching and instructing folks that instills the necessary principles and philosophies to go along with the “tools”  that she teaches an organization to ensure success and sustainability of those changes.  Specifically she instructed our campus frontline and management employees in the following areas:  communication, team building, conflict management, empowerment, cycle of service, HCAHPS, DISC management techniques, Practitioner engagement, leadership, winning with difficult people.

So, it is without any reservation at all that I would recommend Stephanie to assist an organization with any of their cultural improvement, teaching and training initiatives they might have that moves them forward in a progressive manner to – choose to make a difference in their respective industry.”   Ward C. VanWichen, CEO Phillips County Hospital & Family Health Clinic – Montana

“Thanks Stephanie. You make me a better person.” Saila Mukta

“Stephanie is unfailingly supportive, engaging and uplifting. Her connection with the audience and the speakers is remarkable.” Hadass Eviatar

“Stephanie is just incredibly infectious, in  good way, thank you!” Sam Tuebfill, MJCMC Mountain States Health Alliance

“Awesome session!” Brandon Taylor  JCMC

“Uplifting, motivational , inspiring and moving.” Beautiful! “ Janet Peters Middle Park Medical Center

“Excellent, energizing.” Dede DeVeny  Box Butte General Hospital

“She is so powerful and encouraging! Really makes you believe and feel that anything is possible   Denise MaMcanigal  holton Comunity Hospital

“The quality and value of this is immeasurable.” William Hopper, Plant Operations Manager

“Inspiring and freeing!” Rhonda Skory, Winrose Animal Hospital

The meeting planner compiled these and sent them over, color me happy with the results….

  • Fun session
  • Great way to end the session
  • Very inspiring, made my smile a lot
  • She was fun and informative
  • A great way to end 2 days of learning 
  • Very good
  • Very awesome. Learned a lot of things and how to love differently
  • Her enthusiasm & group participation with the participants.
  • Very energetic, engaging, not boring, smart, funny, motivating
  • Great session
  • Excellent
  • Upbeat and motivating
  • Energetic, bubbly
  • Energy, passion, do able acts
  • She has amazing energy – great ideas
  • Presentation was awesome
  • Congrats on ending two days with lightness, heart and humour. I forgot about my numb bum!!
  • Interesting, fun
  • Positive energy
  • There were many smiling faces in the room.
  • Awesome what a nice way to end the conference.
  • Inspiring! Motivating! Engaging!
  • Just what we needed to end this awesome conference
  • Very encouraging and inspiring!
  • Excellent
  • Inspired me to look for love. And spread love.
  • How “Real” she was.  Open and honest and at times vulnerable
  • Loved it all!  Amazing woman!
  • Inspirational, honest, live!
  • Uplifting end to conference and pay it forward to others and self.
  • She shared ways to make life more happier and make things that look bleak more brighter!
  • You’re so positive – high energy – thank you!  I’m lucky enough to work with amazing people at Growing years- all programs have “love” in the names:  Whole Baby Love, Whole Toddler Love,  My dame is Donna Proudlove.  Yes that’s really my birth name!!
  • Energy – all free/low cost ideas
  • The stories, the motivation
  • Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!  Best presentation I’ve ever attended, so inspirational!
  • I liked everything about her.   She is very fun and inspiring, Really enjoyed listening to her speak.
  • Everything. She is awesome
  • I loved the fact that it was the last session.  Very optimistic, peppy etc.
  • Awesome speaker. Really enjoyed.
  • Great Energy! Love everywhere is a good message, inspired by her!
  • Everything!  Stories – very inspiring, fun & heartfelt
  • She is funny, humorous, ongoing laughs
  • She gave me energy at the end of the day.  Fun makes the world go round
  • The stories are great – it helps me remember. Thanks for reminding me what’s important
  • Inspirational speaker – great stories , doable ideas
  • Intoxicating enthusiasm
  • Positive, positive, positive
  • Fun, loving, upbeat
  • She was very invigorating!  I loved every bit about it.  Great Presentation.
  • Awesome stories….thank you.  Great way to end the day!

I would love to help you get reviews like this for your next conference or special event.  Call me and let’s talk about bringing great value, ideas, insight and resources to your team!

Stephanie Staples
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Stephanie Staples, CSP* is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, and the recipient of the 2014 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur Award for Contributions to Community. Stephanie empowers audiences & clients across North America to bring their ‘A’ game to work and to life. Stephanie has a special interest in working with and empowering nurses and healthcare providers. She happily calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home. You can get loads of complimentary resources to help with issues such as work/life balance, wellness, stress management and happiness in general, as well as find out more information about her coaching and speaking services at http://www.YourLifeUnlimited.ca.

* Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), conferred by the National Speakers Association is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform proficiency. Less than 10 percent of speakers have earned this credential and are recognized as some of the best in their fields. Stephanie was one of only five professional speakers in Canada (and the only woman) to attain this designation in 2013.

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