It’s been another great year and it is always my sincere pleasure and privilege to share my message of personal growth and life enrichment with audiences from coast to coast, all over North America.

If you are a meeting planner considering looking to bring a speaker with a fresh voice and new perspective in for one of your staff events, for a conference or convention or to your association or member, I would be honoured to be considered.

Take a look at the testimonials from the 2013 participants and see if you would like your audience to be saying similar things after your event!

If so, please contact me at or 204-255-5912 and let’s talk about making your next event a game changer!

Typical Audience Feedback from 2013

“They LOVED YOU!” Ashlie Wilson, Program Manager Professional Studies Professional, Applied and Continuing Education University of Winnipeg

“Stimulating, captivating, the room was caught up in the words of Stephanie.” Kathryn Fix, Nor-West Coop

“Hilarious and inspiring, full of good ideas!” Kelsey Doiron CNSA

“Superbsome! (That’s awesome/superb.)” Dawn Thomas

“Very motivating, energetic and objective oriented all with  a good sense of humor and   practical and useful content.” Richard Horth FACHE, CEO Ochiltree Hospital

“I always leave her presentations with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.”  Laura Hemmerling

“A enlightening, motivational, fun and energetic presentation!”  Amelia Rajpoul

“Uplifting and a joy to listen to.” Rita Carson, Philips County Hospital nurse

“Very engaging, passionate, motivating, even in a short period of time – everyone was paying attention.” Shannon Carpentier – Nor-West Coop

“Amazing amount of enthusiasm and heart in her instruction.”  Suzanna Jarrell R.N., Texas

“I only need one word to describe you and your presentation –  WOW!” Cheryl Schofield – District 42 Toastmasters Spring Convention

“Energetic, witty and from the heart.” Bree Anderson, Nor-West Coop

“Awesome, I didn’t want it to end.” Natalie Sanesh CNSA

“Fun, heartfelt and uplifting! I recommend Stephanie for her enthusiasm, her energetic approach and her excellent work”  Cheron Long-Landes, Company of Women Director

“Very motivational and fun. I’ve seen many speakers but this one evoked real emotion from all of us.” Sarah O’Brien, Nor-West Coop

“Moving, motivational, and unforgettable – I heard Stephanie speak at an annual womens’ brunch in May of 2013 and she was fantastic. I highly recommend her!” Jaysa Nachtigall

“Stephanie is a ball of contagious energy.” Tim Hubick

“A powerful, motivating and fun presentation.” Suzanne Vindevoghel

“Love it, fantastic message that was meaningful and do-able.” Renne Redekopp

“Dynamic, entertaining, passionate, energetic and knowledgable speaker.” Wendy Gobert RN

“Stephanie is a powerful presence that is uplifting to all.” MAPAN attendee

“Phenomenal, inspiring speaker! Stephanie is amazing at drawing in the attention of her audience.” Braedon Mandtler, University of Saskatchewan

“Inspirational and really made me think critically about the small changes I can make that make a big difference.”  Bhreagh MacDonald, CNSA

“A great kick in the butt!’ Breanne Bencharski CNSA

“Such a positive and informative session that leaves you with so much energy it’s like you put Red Bull in you coffee pot!” Colin Spangl CNSA

“Thanks for making love look so possible to spread.” Claire Wolfe  CNSA

“She has grace for those who are not there yet and wisdom & motivation to help them get there.”  S. Chin-Fook  CNSA

“You inspired and motivated me to change how I approach the future!”  Kendra Cote CNSA

“Amazing and inspirational.” Trungai Muvingi, Salvation Army Special Events Coordinator

“Enthusiastic presenter with infectious happiness.” Suzanne St. Onge, Sport Manitoba

“Completely and wonderfully engaging!” Dave Ternier

“Full of love and energy!” Krista Michie, Special Events Coordinator Red River College

“Stephanie is an energetic, intelligent and inspiring presenter!” Janine Guinn, MS Society

“Engaging, entertaining, informative and motivational!” Olivia Doerksen, Insurance Broker’s Association

“…you may not remember me but I attended a workshop you spoke at  about a year ago. I just want to tell you what an impression you left with me at that workshop…such a simple idea and yet so powerful!! Thank you ever so much for making a difference in this world and sharing what you have learned…I feel very fortunate to have met you!! Many blessings,” Sandra Keep – Qu’Apple Health Region

“Amazing! Makes you think and see how we can easily change ourselves to be happier.” Kelly Harper

“A genuine and joyful person, easy to listen to, not boring at all.” Pembina Valley Childcare Worker

“Caring, positive, enthusiastic speaker.” Stand Bachewich, Educator

“Engaging, interactive, more like a conversation than a lecture.” anonymous

“Very informative and interesting. Keep my attention all day! Great motivational speaker.” Glenda Wiebe

“Enjoyable to listen to, funny but still so helpful.” Jasmine Carvill

“Upbeat, positive and informative with lots of information to help us be the same.” Janet Unrau

“FUN!” Maria Heinrichs

“I will stop waiting for things to happen!!  Thank you!” Ingrid Krenn ASEC

“Lots of great tools, very positive!” Melissa Granovsky, Teacher

“An encouraging and awesome speaker, I will enjoy the little things in life more now.” Trevor Wilson, ASEC

“She is a ball of energy!”Christina Guenther turtle mtn schoold division

“Stephanie spoke to my soul.” Jim Robson, ASEC

“Stephanie was authentic, sincere and knowledgable.” Laurie Leveille, Adult Educator

“I left the seminar feeling refreshed, educated and inspired.” Chris Amante, University of Winnipeg

“She was very motivating and showed lots of energy with great ideas for the classroom.” Dan Lagace

“Stephanie shares a crucial message that is important for the world to hear.” Liz Plett

“Exceptional and inspiring.” Jirah Love Saladaga-Medina

“An awesome, interesting, well-spoken, creative presenter.” Brenda Stagg

“Invigorating and warm, Stephanie left us feeling inspired to change the world person by person, starting with ourselves.” Kelly Vipond, teacher

“Motivating and funny. Stephanie is very positive, energetic and clear spoken.” R. Bushuk, RN, BN

“Terrific! On a scale of 1-5, I give her 10, please bring her back as often as possible!” Alice Marrast, Riverview Health Center

“Wonderful!! I learned how to W.I.N. by giving love to others!” Dawn Barrett

“A game-changing view of everyday life.” Bob Casey

“When I was listening to you yesterday I literally felt my heart opening up and I felt forgiveness, appreciation and peace. At the same time my heart was being  filled with love hope and faith again.”  Zofia Dove, St. Boniface Hospital

“Stephanie inspires visionary action.” Cornelius Buller, PhD.

“Stephanie was a delight. I enjoyed her encouraging words and I learned a new philosophy.”

“An influential, inspiring speaker!” Ilia Murray

“Stephanie is so real, so grounded and so ‘soulfully minded’ Jennet Pidgeon

“Not only inspiring, you were funny and entertaining. You made me feel good and gave me lots of ideas. Thank you!” Lori Gagnon

“ An empowering and inspiring encourager.”  Michael Zacharias

“A dynamic, engaging and personable speaker!” Sharon Golin, Manitoba Telephone System

“Stephanie is an instrument of change.” Jason Athayde

“A super-positive, down to earth, very real, friendly and believable presenter.  Her stories are awesome!” Susan Kolello

“Motivating and energizing! Thank you for reminding me that I need to take responsibity for my own happiness and my role in the happiness of those around me. I believe in your message.”  Debb Solvason

“Very informative and full of great ideas!” Bill Gordon

“Professional, enjoyable and motivating.”  Don Pharoah

“Inspiration and excellent!” Thecla Athayde

“She is very motivating and has a great spirit and attitude. Love her! Grethcen Good – Pharmacist

“Stephanie inspires us to work together to “get’er done.” She can pull solutions out of her audience that no audience member thought were there.” Marolan Smith RN

“Her positivity and energy was just what our teachers and instructors needed to kick off the school year.  There was a “feel good” vibe running through the conference and we owe this to Stephanie’s enthusiasm in setting the tone to a great conference.”   Anne Grossman  Chair ASEC

“I enjoyed her presentation immensely and she has made such a positive impact on my life. I wish she could be present for all of our conferences.” Helen Tomchak, Teacher

“You were a major hit today!  Thank you for the inspiration you shared, it went over very well and everyone was talking about what you conveyed.”  Chris Samuels  Meditek

“I have taken a lot of the concepts and have already found a more balanced lifestyle. it has added a clearer direction to my path of being a better balanced person. I believe that this will also help me to become a happier, healthier father, spouse and friend.” Kevin Harms, Harms Tech Services

“Out of all the seminars I have taken over the last few years I liked this one the best, I would definitely recommend it to my peers. I enjoyed it because the topics were all relatable to me and there were lots of “takeaways” that I can use to balance out my work and home life.” Lisette Adolphe

“One of the very seminars I’ve attended. It was informative, useful

“One of the very best seminars I’ve attended.  It was very informative, useful, fun and offered unique ways to learn.”  Laura Allard MPI

“Thank you for an enlightening seminar! Your teaching style is fantastic!”  Kevin Labiuk Northwest Company

“Enlightening!” Delanie Smart

“A game changer in my daily life and my relationships.”  Fabrice Karemera, Investors Group

Contact me at or 204-255-5912 and let’s talk about making your next event a game changer!


Stephanie Staples, CSP* is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success and an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. She empowers audiences & clients across North America to bring their ‘A’ game to work and to life. Stephanie has a special interest in working with and empowering nurses and healthcare providers. She happily calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home.  You can get loads of complimentary resources to help with issues such as work/life balance, wellness, stress management and happiness in general, as well as find out more information about her coaching and speaking services at * Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), conferred by the National Speakers Association is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform proficiency. Less than 10 percent of speakers have earned this credential and are recognized as some of the best in their fields. Stephanie was one of only five professional speakers in  Canada (and the only woman) to attain this designation in 2013. – See more at:





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