From Plastic Surgeons to Police Sergeants, from Nanaimo to Nashville, from fancy-schmancy corporate events like IBM in Las Vegas to quaint old movie theatre events in small-town North Dakota – I was blessed with another great year of sharing my message from the stage in all its various forms.

We’ve shared laughter and tears and made many new friends. We’ve heard stories, told stories and created stories. I have empowered audiences and they have empowered me, I have supported others and I have felt 1000’s of people support me.

My hope as I reflect on all the richness my calling has provided is that I delivered as much as I got back in return.

I didn’t please everyone, of course, it’s silly to even try but fortunately, most people connected with me and valued my message and style of presenting. Every year since 2012, I have compiled some quotes from events of the past year. 

I do this not to gloat but to promote what I do because the more people that hear and act upon my message the better. I do this as social proof so that if you are thinking of hiring me, I don’t want it to be me telling you what will happen, I want you to hear it from people who have already experienced me. I hope to lessen your risk – hiring a speaker is a big decision. When people can see via testimonials from others that time and time again I deliver value no matter the audience, no matter the industry, no matter the locale – that means a heck of a lot more to you than me telling you how great I am.

Following are some quick statements from audiences members used with permission and attribution) here…

• She brought the house down!
• Pure contagious energy educational and entertaining.
• A force of nature.
• Positivity at its finest!
• Magical, raw authenticity.
• The highlight of the conference.
• Completely inspirational and fun!
• Real, relevant and deeply moving.
• A Wonder Woman.
• SLAMMED with inspiration.
• Like a morning cup of coffee, wakes you up and makes you happy.
• Left us with a bucket of tools.
• Energizing with a slice of punch in the gut
• Relates to everyone.
• Compassionate insights.
• Oozes positive energy!
• You will laugh, cry and definitely enjoy.
• One fabulous leader!
• I would highly recommend
• Straight shooter
• The audience was captivated.
• Opened my eyes to new ideas.
• Excellent quality and high value.
• Life-altering.
• A playful tsunami of awakening energy.
• You truly bring light into dark places.
• Stephanie is a great investment with a substantial return!
• Beautiful, memorable, humorous.
• Refreshingly human speaker.
• So full of positivity!
• Down-to-earth actionable advice
• Top-Notch.
• Uplifting and energizing.
• “Eye-Opening!”
• Invaluable insight.
• Puts real perspective to leadership.
• She opens your eyes.
• Many valuable takeaways.
• She gives you the tools to succeed.
• I highly recommend her.
• Impactful, refreshing and inspiring!
• Remarkable
• A breath of fresh air.
• Substance, poignant and engaging.
• Entertaining with a meaningful message.
• Fun, realistic and doable.
• Would benefit any audience!
• I learned so much.
• An uplifting experience.
• Blew me away!
• Absolutely amazing.
• Wow, she lifted me high!
• Touched my heart.
• Thrill your audience.
• So impactful.
• New great concepts.
• So very in tune with the audience’s needs.
• Incredibly professional and welcoming.
• Keeps it real.
• She captures my attention.
• Love the interaction.
• Inspired to be better than I am.
• Spoke to my heart.
• Each layer of her program is like an onion revealing something new, exciting and needed.
• Puts real perspective to leadership.
• She is one of a kind!
• Touching and pertinent.
• Turns content into practical application
• The content is a must.
• Has a knack of connecting with people instantly.
• She lifted the whole crowd.
• Incredible insight and inspiration.
• Applicable to all areas of personal & professional development.
• Absolutely hilarious.
• Great tool kit!
• Enlightening.
• This lady has empowered me to make a lot of positive changes in my life.
• Eye-opening.
• Makes me want to become a better leader.
• Amazing.
• Valuable.
• She pulls you in!
• Completely approachable.
• Opened my eyes!
• Steph provided us with more than we could have hoped for!
• Inspires active change.
• The message hit me hard, spot on!
• A relate-able source of inspiration.
• Thought-provoking.
• Impactful.
• Had the audiences on the edge.
• Powerful.
• Holds your attention.
• Stephanie is phenomenal.
• Substance and humour.
• Dynamic and a vibrant ball of energy.
• The things I’ve learned will make a difference in how I lead, it’s been life-changing.
• We all left the ballroom feeling like we’d made a friend.
• Dynamic and inspirational.
• Open your eyes to a new way of thinking.
• She makes learning fun.
• Interactive, informative, powerful.
• The consummate professional

I’d love to chat to see if I may be a great fit for your event. Please contact me at or what the heck, you can even give me a call 204 227 2165 I even answer my own phone!

See you in 2019! Steph


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