Right now, what do you really want/need?

As for me (your challenge comes next, keep reading!)…I’d really appreciate a ‘like’ and share on this new video, and maybe a ‘subscribe’ to my YouTube channel while you are there. I will be eternally grateful!  Pre-thank you!

It’s no secret that my business, like many others, has gone in a downward spiral since my last job in Nebraska on March 12, 2020, when C*#@D brought the world to a socially distanced, masked, six-foot (two-meter) stop.

After scraping myself up off the floor, converting my guest room (awe guests – remember when!) into a lights, camera, action studio, and figuring out how to transfer my message and style of delivery remotely, noone was more shocked than me (or is it ‘I’) to discover that I actually liked remote events!

Big, small, in a hall.
In my place, with little space.
On a screen, wearing jeans.
Yes, I like them, Sam I am.

Of course, I miss so much about my in-person audience events, and, true, remote is not the same but it can still be great and useful and fun and edu-taining.

While the world did shut down it also burst open knocking down pesky limits like borders and costly, inconvenient, time-consuming airfares and reawakened the personal coaching aspect of my business.

I can help you in Dubai
I don’t even have to fly
I can coach you in your room
We are getting used to Zoom

Things are different and some things are really crappy but a lot of things are actually pretty cool, and remote programs are one of them. Even when C*#@D is gone, remote programs are here to stay.

So whether you have a small team of 8 or a group of 800, I am here (well, I’m in my spare room, actually) to serve you! #LetsDoThis

Advance thanks for the ‘like’ and share on the video!

Your turn…

Did you see above how I asked for what I wanted/needed from you? Some people will be ok with it, some will be annoyed, some will help, some won’t help, some will send an encouraging message, some have already stopped reading but this what I need so right now, in as nicely as possible I asked.

Now, here are some’s for you…

Right now, what do you want/need?
-some time to yourself
-some help around the house
-some emotional support
– ___________

When is the last time you asked for that, really, specifically asked for it?
What is stopping you from asking now?
How can you reframe your thoughts and your feelings about asking?

Many times the answer to your ask will be ‘no’ and many times the answer will be ‘sure’. When you hear ‘no’ you will survive and carry on. When you hear ‘sure’ you will wonder why it took you so long to ask!

Be brave and ask.
Be kind and ask.
Set a good example for others and ask.

Remember, no matter how much people love you, they can’t read your mind.

You can ask for something big
You can even ask for a pig
You can ask for something small
You can ask for anything at all!

Just make saying ‘no’ an acceptable answer.

So, thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable enough to ask you to like and share my video.

Now it’s your turn for an ask!

Cheering you on, in terrific times and in tough times, Steph


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