I went to a new gathering the other day, it was called Freefall writing. I really didn’t know what it was about but hey, for me just showing up is half the fun.From what I gathered it’s a way to be more creative with your thinking, your writing, your life.


You begin with a prompt word and a timer. Then everyone writes (handwrites!) for the agreed-upon amount of time. No editing, just letting the words come –  thus the Freefall name.

When the time is up, you share what you wrote with the others (if you want). The group listens without judging, just hearing the stories that bubbled out of each other's minds.

It was quite a fascinating experience.

One of our random words was ‘prepare’ and we set a timer for nine minutes. It was super interesting just writing with a pen and paper for that long – so odd for me. No clickity-clack of the keyboard, wrist aching at this foreign experience called handwriting. It was also hard also not to go back and reread, judge, fix, edit our work and it was cool to hear the stories that other people spun from the same word.

I think it could be a fun date night or activity to do with the kids or for a friend’s night in. To me anything that gets me thinking, creating and connecting with others is a win!

Applying the freewill concept to life could indeed get you into mischief; however for most of us, a little untethering, a little more spontaneity, and a little less judgment of our own work could be very beneficial.

With the challenge, there is growth.

If you are interested, my nine-minute Freefall with the prompt ‘create’ follows (it’s not meant to offend anyone, it’s just what rolled out of my brain).


It’s a secret, exclusive club to be discovered only by those gifted by God or the Universe with some talent that not only can they do but that they have to do. It oozes from their pores, it’s embedded in their bones, they can’t not do it. They wear it like a crown of glory.

They have a secret club; ‘The Creatives’ it’s like a Speakeasy; down a back lane, in an unremarkable part of town, one street light is burnt out (or is it out on purpose?), the door to enter is Amarillo yellow and there is a  wrought iron winding staircase that is met at the bottom with a black, velvet curtain hung on heavy metal rungs. They pull it back with flourish to reveal ‘The Creatives’; artists, musicians, designers and dancers, chefs, poets, magicians. They gloat amongst themselves knowing that they share something that others do not.

Elsewhere, in various coffee shops, bars and kitchens there is another group. They are the ‘Imperfect Creatives’, those who sing a little off-key, pluck a string for fun, write words that will never be read by others. The ones who juggle half-assed, put the wrong colors and patterns together both in their home and on their bodies. They pick up a vegetable they have never seen before and cook their concoctions on high only to have them be burnt into an indistinguishable pile for the composter. They are those who are philanthropic in oddly creative ways like picking up litter or dog poop that they are not responsible for.

The ‘Imperfect Creatives’ are not rich or famous or popular. They may be described as different or odd or, as I prefer, quirky. The have their own club and admission is free and easy and accessible to all.

Where do I sign up? I am an ‘Imperfect Creative’.


Freefall writing, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!  Steph

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