For better or for worse, December celebrations, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Winter Solstice and Kwanzaa, are definitely a ‘cue’.

They may be a cue to bake, shop, donate, stress, overspend, worry, appreciate, celebrate, connect, et al.

This year, many things seem, feel and are different. We are being called to act in ultra-responsible ways, we are being asked to change much of what we have known and done, and we are being asked to be patient and compliant. We are being asked to be together, apart from the ones that we love. Many of these requests don’t feel good and leave us feeling sad, lonely and empty, even though we know that we are being asked to comply for the greater good.

As always, focusing on what we can control and influence, will leave us feeling more empowered and happier.

Let’s use this opportunity to create some special memories despite, or even because of, what’s going on in the world.

First off, carve out some time for yourself to reflect and fill your bucket, even if it’s only for a few moments here or there, make ‘tiny times’ for yourself a priority – i.e. when you hit a light switch (cue), pause & take a deep breath.

Rather than asking others if there is ‘anything’ you can do for them, ask if there is ‘something’ you can do for them – chances of getting a suggestion from them increases with that one-word change. Or just do something for them!

Make a plan to connect in the new year. Schedule a Zoom or safe meeting on the calendar now with your bestie (or whoever makes you happy). Changing the date is easy to do later, but at least start by getting a tentative date set. My BFF and I do online yoga together, even though we could (but don’t) do it separately, we love having each other virtually there!

Unplug the pressure cooker. Much of the pressure and stress we feel is put on by…well, you know. We do it to ourselves. Take some things that you have put on your plate, off. The world will survive.

I could go on and on, but you know what needs to happen to create a season that is as special as it can be, given the circumstances.

Share your ideas with me, put them into practice and enjoy a little joy in the video below.

Happy Anyways and Merrier New Year, Steph : )

Enjoy this small taste of our choir singing Happy Christmas (War is Over) last year – even though things are different, I feel the same. Grateful.


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