You know those days (or parts of the day) when you just feel poopy. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or maybe you didn’t eat well or maybe there was some combo of little things that got under your skin or maybe there was no specific reason, nothing bad happened in particular but you just aren’t feelin’ it, you’re just a little ‘off’.

Maybe you don’t feel like being nice or helpful or kind or productive or …anything; you just feel blah.

That’s how I was the other day when Bestie and I met for our end-of-day Zoom yoga/meditation.

Typically, before we start, we chat a bit and talk about our respective days. I told her I was feeling ‘off’.

“Do you want to talk about it? she asked, kindly.

I did not.

I did tell her about a funny kid’s book that I bought for my nephew earlier in the day – and she said, in true Bestie fashion, “Read it to me!”

And so, despite feeling a little silly, I did.

Soon we were both doubled over laughing and reading and reading and laughing and suddenly I noticed my ’y mood had disappeared!

When someone (or yourself) is a bit ‘off’ – here are three things you can offer:

  1. Would you (I)  like to talk about it?
  2. Would you (I) like a distraction?*
  3. Would you (I) like to have some space?

In this case, the distraction worked wonders, and having a Bestie in the mix doesn’t hurt either!

*If you want a chuckle and/or a distraction, this is my #1 go-to – it; just never stops being funny to me!

Sometimes, it’s just your mood that needs to be revitalized, and yeah, even ‘motivational speakers’ feel ’y sometimes.

Have a winky, wonky, honky, tonky day, Steph

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