Love, love me do.
February is the month dedicated to love. Love your parents, love your partner, love your pets, love your kids, friends, family, community, etc. etc. etc.
Yes, do that, please.
My invitation this month is to do something to show you love yourself. No justifications, no explanations, no excuses. Just do it.
You deserve it.

Here are some ideas…1. Plan Something fun.
2. Take a break.
3. Forgive yourself.
4. Do something for your body.
5. Do something for your mind.
6. Do something for your spirit.
7. Start a journal. Your Life, Unlimited Guided Journal download for free here.
8. Say yes.
9. Say no.
10. Go to bed early.
11. Treat yourself to something special. (I bought myself flowers this week!)
12. Brag about something you did with someone who will delight with you. (Maybe it’s me, I love hearing your stories!)
13. Challenge yourself.
14. Light some candles.
15. Meditate.
16. Make a list of 5 (or more) great qualities you have.
17. Plan a day trip.
18. Call a friend and talk. Not text, talk.
19. Watch a funny show/movie.
20. Make a playlist of songs that move you.
21. Make a list of your past successes.
22. Watch a sunrise/set.
23. Savor some comfort food, without guilt.
24. Buy (or borrow from the library) a magazine.
25. Put yourself by the water/trees.
26. Dance, dance, dance.
27. Have a pajama day.
28. Do something creative. Pick at least one thing, put it on your calendar. Get ‘er done for you and enjoy your heart out!
We love others best when we love ourselves first.
Doing something to show love to yourself, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!
Best, Steph
Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day?
They are very sentimental creatures.


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